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3 Best Kept Secrets of Junkyards

Plain and simple, junkyards get a bad rap. If you simply went off of how salvage yards are portrayed in popular culture, you would think they were all dirty, rundown derelicts full of, well, junk. One of the best kept secrets is that most junkyards are anything but old expanses full of cast off garbage. Most modern junkyards are full of useful items, especially auto parts. So what are the three biggest misconceptions surrounding junkyards? What three things will you absolutely be shocked by if you were to visit your local salvage yard today? Keep reading for the three best kept secrets of your local junkyard.

The Deals Are Incredible

While junkyards simply aren’t the acres and acres of garbage-filled landscape portrayed in the movies and on television, the truth is that there usually is a lot crammed into a little space. Like any business owner, the owner of a salvage yard wants to maximize the space that they’ve got to work with, which can oftentimes lead to a space filled with so many items that it can be difficult to differentiate the good from the not so good. Be patient. Perhaps more than any other place you could go, you’ll find a goldmine of good deals at a junkyard. The fact that you are the one doing the work, meaning you are the one searching out the part, lowers the company’s overhead. Those savings are then passed on to you. Even if you need help finding an item, there are experts who can help you locate what you are looking for, and the good news is that you’ll still get a good deal!

Used Car Parts Are Plentiful

One of the biggest secrets of the auto industry is that you don’t have to buy new, even when it comes to the parts that you put in your car. Oftentimes, you can find used parts at a junkyard that will work just as good as a new part for a fraction of the price. Once again, though, it will take a little bit of work to actually locate the part and then verify that it will actually work with your vehicle, but if you put in the work to do so you’ll find that you can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Some salvage yards even specialize exclusively in car parts. This can save you time searching through other items and increases your chances of finding what you’re looking for by offering a wide variety of cars that you can search through.

They Are Not Dirty Places

Sure, going to a junkyard is not the same as dining in a fine restaurant, but they are far from the dangerous, rust-filled places that you see in the media. They may be cluttered in an effort to maximize their space, but they are far from the dirty. If you’ve held off on visiting your local junkyard because you thought it was full of garbage, give it a chance. You might be surprised at what you find!

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