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3 Car Parts You Should Be Buying Used

Though shiny new parts for your car will fill you with confidence, they will also drain your bank account. While there are some things you should always buy new (windscreens are an obvious example), there are plenty of great things you can, and indeed should, purchase used. So what parts are better used? Here are the top 3 things you should stop buying new.


Rebuilt engines, if rebuilt by a professional, will cost you roughly half of what you would spend on a new engine without forcing you to sacrifice quality or longevity. A rebuilt engine can easily last for more than 100,000 miles. Whether you destroyed your old engine due to lack of care or you want to fix up an old vehicle, a rebuilt engine is a great way to save money.


Did you ding your bumper in your local supermarket parking lot? Did someone park to close and slam their door against the side of your car? Is your rear bumper scraped up from constant impacts with a stroller or grocery cart? If so, buy used cosmetic pieces when you are ready to fix the damage. Cosmetic pieces will be cheaper used. Plus, you won’t need to worry about quality as it’s pretty clear if a bumper is scraped and damaged or free of blemishes and problems.


There are some companies that take used tires and retread them with quality rubber. The result is a set of tires that will perform almost as good as new tires but cost significantly less. And if you visit a salvage yard in Florida, you might find a set of tires with hardly any miles on them and wind up saving even more money.

Keep in mind that not all used auto parts in Florida are created equal. If you are going to buy used, make sure you buy from certified retailers or know exactly what you are looking for.

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