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3 Mistakes to Avoid at a Car Junk Yard

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Going to a junk yard for used parts is a great way to save money on car repairs while still getting high-quality replacement parts. Similarly, selling an old car to a junk yard is often quicker and easier than trying to find a private party buyer. Nevertheless, to make the most of your visit to the junk yard, you should avoid making any of the following 3 mistakes.

Not Understanding the Rules

Every scrap yard has their own rules to keep their visitors safe and to comply with the law. For example, you should wear sturdy, closed-toed shoes to protect yourself from stepping on sharp objects. Additionally, you need to bring your own tools to extract the parts you want and have them inspected and marked as you enter. At the end of your visit, you will be charged for any non-marked items you take with you.

Being Unprepared

You can find a lot of useful parts at your local junk yard, but you must come prepared. That means you should know which parts you’re looking for, and what you need to do to extract them. The scrap yard personnel can certainly direct you to the cars that might fit the bill, but they won’t do the work for you.

You should make sure to bring all the necessary tools with you to avoid having to make another trip. A magnet can be especially helpful to pry some of the scrap metal apart. You can also bring a knowledgeable friend or some detailed instructions on how to extricate the part you need.

Not Checking Prices

Junk yards in Florida operate on a for-profit basis, just like any other business. While they’re usually competitive in their pricing, it’s still a good idea to check the competition, too. That applies to the process of buying used parts from them and selling your car to them. One big advantage junk yards offer is that they often tow your car for free, which can make up for a slightly lower sales price.

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