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3 Reasons to Visit a Salvage Yard

Pulling Parts from a Salvage Yard AutomobileEver wonder if it’s worth it to visit your self service salvage yard in Florida? Some may believe that it’s a waste of time and definitely worth just buying a brand new part. They may fear that visiting a salvage yard would just be finding access to something that is going to break down much sooner than later. However, there are so many advantages to getting car parts at a salvage yard and below you will find just a few of the very many reasons to do just that.


This reason may be a given, and might perhaps be the number one reason to consider. However, the price disparity is much more surprising than you may think. Although parts vary, you are guaranteed to find anything at a significantly cheaper cost in a salvage yard than if you were to purchase that exact same item brand new. The only exception to this is the rare item. For example, If it is a rare part for a collectible car, chances are the price of that will cost you quite a bit.

OEM Standards

If you were to purchase a brand new part for your car, there is no way of knowing with certainty that it will be what’s needed for your car. While it may be a similar part, it might not be exact, especially if it’s been created by a third party. If you were to get your part from a salvage yard, you could find the exact make and model of your car and take the part from there. In this way, you know without a doubt that it’s going to work. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. So while the part may be produced to meet standards, it may not be the exact item as before.


As mentioned earlier, a reason that some may not be interested in finding parts at a salvage yard is due to the condition and function of these items. If you are concerned about this at all, while it may cost a little more, you can look for the items that have been refurbished for the specific purpose of resale. That way you will have a little more peace of mind and a little more guarantee that it is in the proper condition.

While you may not find what you’re looking for, searching through a salvage yard before purchasing your part brand new can only be a good idea. It could result in your saving a significant amount of money and will leave you with more money in your pockets and a car running smoother than before.

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