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3 Simple Tips to Make Money with Old Junk Cars

Cash for Junk Cars in FloridaIt’s pretty obvious that cars don’t last as long as people. In fact, getting rid of an old junk car is not an unusual problem to have. Fortunately, you can still make money off your old junker as long as you’re willing to do the legwork. Basically, you have 3 options: One, you can sell the car or trade it in. Two, you can sell individual car parts. Or three, you can take it to a junkyard.

Sell the Car

If your car is still running and in decent condition, then you might get the best results if you take the extra time to sell it in a private sale. In order to get a good price, you should clean the car and do some basic maintenance, including an oil change and topping off fluids. You’ll also have to locate the title paperwork in order to be able to sell it.

Before you advertise your car, it’s important to research its value online. But you have to be honest about the condition it’s in, too. And you have to understand that a car that needs major repairs is simply not going to fetch a lot of money.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of selling the car, you might consider trading it in. Most car dealerships will take any vehicle as a trade-in, but they’re notorious for paying as little as possible for used cars. You could use the junk car as a base for negotiating a better price on a new car, but it doesn’t always work that way. In any case, if you’re looking to trade in your car, you can still take your time and shop around to get the best deal.

Sell Individual Car Parts

Used car parts are in high demand. If your car is of a popular make, then it might be worth your time and effort to extract individual parts and sell them. If you’re mechanically inclined, this could turn into a fun project for you.

Old Junk Cars in FloridaHowever, if getting dirty isn’t really your thing, then doing the work to sell car parts might not really be worth your time. In addition to getting the parts out of your car, you’ll also have to clean them up, take pictures, and list them on online to sell or advertise in trade magazines. All in all, it might be easier and just as profitable to have someone else take care of selling the parts for you. This brings you to the last option.

Take It to a Junkyard

An old junker car will have plenty of company at your local junkyard. The thing is your car is always worth at the least the price of scrap metal. But your junkyard will probably pay more for it if it still has some parts that are valuable and in good shape.

The junkyard is by far the easiest solution to make money off of your old junk car in Florida. That’s because you get paid right away even though nobody is paying the junkyard for the parts just yet. Many junkyards even offer to come and pick up your car for you.

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