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3 Things You Should Know When Junking Your Car

Have you had an old car sitting on your property and gathering dust for a while now? Why not get rid of that junker while making some extra cash in the process? Find someone who will pick up your junk cars and give you cash on the spot. Before you contact a junkyard, here are three things you should know to help facilitate the process:


Before taking your vehicle off of your hands, most places will need to have your Certificate of Title. If you lost it or don’t have a copy, you can contact the DMV. You need to be able to provide proof of ownership, which protects companies like us from picking up stolen vehicles. If ownership isn’t already in your name, you should complete the paperwork necessary to change it over and provide proof of registration when we stop by your place.

Make and Model

When you call about your vehicle, be prepared to tell someone the make, model, and year of your vehicle. You’ll need to find a place that will accept the type of vehicle you own, whether it is a van, truck, SUV, sedan, or truck. When determining the amount of money to pay for your vehicle, a junkyard will take the make, model, and year into account, as well as look at the trim level and body style.


It’s smart to have a good idea of the value of your vehicle to make sure that you get a fair price. You can look up the value for your make, model, and year in the Kelley Blue Book, NADA guide, or the Edmunds website. Once you have this number, you can contact your insurance company to figure out what the salvaged percentage is currently. You can use this percentage to figure out the worth of a junk car.

When we get your junk cars, we will recycle the parts and put them in our junkyard for people to browse through. For this reason, we’ll also examine the condition of your vehicle. Will it start? Can it drive on its own? Is it rusted over? The extent of damage can also play a part as we determine the amount of cash that we’ll pay for your vehicle. You may want to talk to your mechanic. Have him or her examine your vehicle and diagnose the problem. Figure out how much it would cost to fix your vehicle to get it up and running again. If the costs to repair it far outweigh the value of your vehicle, you know that this is the right option for you.

When you’re ready for us to pick up your junk car, give us a call. Be prepared to provide proof of ownership in the form of your Certificate of Title, inform us about the make and model of your vehicle, and negotiate the price based on the value of your vehicle. We can schedule a time to come by your home to examine the vehicle, offer you cash, and haul your vehicle away. We’re happy to do this at your earliest convenience, so you can have clear space on your property and use it for something more appealing to look at.

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