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4 Benefits of Buying Parts from a Junkyard

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Car buying trends in Florida and throughout the country indicate that most people aren’t buying new cars as often as they once did. Instead, car owners are holding onto their vehicles for a few extra years, opting to spend their money making repairs. Of course, repairs can get expensive, especially if you’re buying new part from the dealership. A great way to save money is to buy second-hand. Here are 4 benefits of buying parts from a junk yard

Fast Turn-Around Time

A big complaint among car owners is that waiting for new parts takes time. Not only do customers have to wait for an appointment to have their car repaired, but often you have to wait for the new car part to be ordered. Shopping self-service salvage yards in Florida for car parts means less time that car owners have to wait for their vehicles to be repaired.

Warrantied Parts

Many people are under the misconception that used parts are as-is. While that can be true in some situations, it’s not the rule. In fact, it’s often the exception. Many reputable junkyards in the state offer warrantied parts that are guaranteed for 30 days and in some cases even longer. Minor parts like cosmetic parts may not carry this warranty, but big ticket items like engines and transmissions are almost always guaranteed for a limited time. Junkyards want their customers to shop with confidence and know that they are getting excellent parts at a reduced cost.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle at Self-Service Salvage Yards

Buying used car parts saves you money, and it is also another way to contribute to the eco-friendly movement and protect the environment. Buying a used part from a self-service salvage yard in Florida means one less part is manufactured and mining mineral ores is reduced. Junk cars aren’t just sitting in a landfill taking up space and polluting the soil. If you’re a car owner who sees the value in reusing and reducing your carbon footprint, a self-service salvage yard is the perfect place to find that part you need.

Repair Your Car for Less

Savvy car owners who have the skills and tools to make vehicle repairs can make these repairs for less when purchasing used parts from junkyard. Even purchasing used parts from an online dealer can be expensive. Often, people will scour junkyards for popular parts and then mark up the price online. By cutting out the middleman, you always save money.

Junkyards Aren’t Just for Buying Parts

We Buy Junk Cars for Cash in Florida

Are you looking to sell your car for quick cash without the hassle of going to a dealership? If you have an older car, you may get more money by selling its parts rather than selling the actual vehicle. Most junkyards will buy a car with cash in Florida just for its parts. These businesses know they can make more money from a car’s parts than the actual vehicle, especially with an older vehicle. In fact, most dealerships you sell your junk car to are going to turn around and sell it to a junkyard. Why let them keep all the profit? Buying a car with cash in Florida is always a great feeling. If you decide you don’t want to repair your car with used car parts from a salvage yard, consider selling your vehicle so you can walk onto the new or used car lot with money in hand ready to make an offer.

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