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4 Cars You Should Never Buy

Get Cash for Your Junk CarIn the world of cars, there are some definite winners and then others that you shouldn’t even give a second look. At U Pull & Save, we see hundreds of cars pass through our gate every year and know a thing or two about junk cars when we see them. It is easy to get cash for your junk car  when you realize you’ve made a mistake. In the meantime, avoid buying the wrong car altogether by looking over this quick list of 4 cars you should never buy.

Fiat 500L

You obviously want your next vehicle to be super dependable. According to Consumer Reports, the Fiat, though adorable and stylish, has a reliability score that is 219% worse than the average car. In road tests, this cute little Italian hatchback scored a dismal 50 points in reliability. In other words, there are about 16 times more problems than Consumer Reports’ reported most reliable vehicle, the Scion xB. If you are wondering about other Fiat models, they are better but not much better.Cash for Junk Cars in Florida

Jeep Compass

The next car on the list of cars you should never buy is the Jeep Compass, which Consumer Reports describes as “outdated and uncompetitive.” The Compass unfortunately has the lowest satisfaction rating of any other model out there. For all its successes—a smooth ride, relatively good fuel economy, and the Jeep name—the Compass also has a few areas where it doesn’t do so well. Two areas where it lacks are in comfort and fuel economy, which are the two things people are looking at in a new car to begin with.

Mitsubishi Mirage

The Mirage is a car that you might see on the lot and be drawn to. It is a good looking subcompact car and the amazing 37 miles per gallon fuel economy that the sticker boasts might appeal to you as well. However, this is a poorly built car, manufactured in Thailand, that tends to make lots of noise. You can get a Mirage brand new off the lot for just over $15,000, which is a great cost for any other car. On this one, the low cost is pretty telling: you will definitely get what you pay for.

Toyota Tacoma

Perhaps you are looking for a sweet little pickup to drive around. The Tacoma might appeal to you if hauling stuff and off-roading is your speed, but for everything else, you might want to find something different. The Tacoma has the lowest overall score on Consumer Reports at 49 points, and there are a few reasons why: motorists report that it feels dated, uncomfortable, and doesn’t provide a very smooth ride at all.

Buying a new car involves a lot of research and stress to make sure that you get the best car for a great price. If you end up with a car, you don’t like, you can get cash for your junk car, or you can try to sell it and get something better. You can avoid the hassle of doing this by avoiding these 4 cars altogether and get something you really love instead.

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