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4 Common Ways Salvage Yards Are Scamming Customers

Used Auto Parts & Salvage Yard in FloridaIf you’ve got an old clunky car taking up space in your driveway, it’s time to trade it in for some cash. While you probably won’t be able to sell it online, there are plenty of salvage yards that will buy junk cars in Florida for their parts. Before you sign your car away to the first junkyard you find, though, it’s important that you understand how to get the most for your old car. Many junkyards take advantage of their customers by charging hidden fees or not paying them what their car is actually worth. By educating yourself on the top scams run by junkyards, you’ll be prepared to sell your car and get the most money possible.

  • Double-dipping operators. If you’re car isn’t drivable but you want to sell it to a junkyard, many facilities have a towing service that is provided. In some cases, the tow operator doesn’t necessarily work for the junk yard. Instead, it’s a tow truck driver that is hired on the side. These operators are usually paid by the junkyard. If you are given a check for your car and then asked to pay cash to have your car towed to the yard by the tow operator, call the junkyard immediately. Don’t pay the tow operator anything until everything is sorted out.
  • No title transfer. In order to complete the process of selling your car to a junkyard, you have to sign over the title of the car. Otherwise, the transaction isn’t considered legal. You also need to cancel the registration on your car immediately after selling. If these two things aren’t done, the junkyard may hold you accountable for anything that goes wrong with the car after it’s been towed away. Many shifty junkyards even send clients bills for storing the car on their lot if the title hasn’t been signed over.
  • Bait and switch. Most of the time, you negotiate the price of your old car over the phone with a junkyard. Usually the company will quote you a price based on the description you give of your car. It’s extremely important that you supply photos and give a detailed and accurate description of your car. Otherwise, dishonest junkyards may try to lower the price once they see your car. If this happens, demand that the original bargain is honored. In the event that they refuse to pay you what was agreed upon, don’t sign over the title to your car. Simply choose someone else to buy your car.
  • Auto Parts and Salvage Yard in FloridaDelayed payment. Never allow a junkyard to take your car without being paid first. Once it is out of your sight, you don’t have any way to prove that they never paid you. This kind of dispute is difficult to prove. If the salvage yard claims to have forgotten payment or promises to wire you the money, don’t sell them the car. Wait until the payment is in your hands first.

Finding an honest company that deals with auto parts and salvage in Florida is important. It ensures that you get a good amount for your car. Beware of any company using these tactics. Chances are they aren’t treating you fairly.

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