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4 Effective Ideas to Get Good Cash for Old Cars

Money for Junk Cars in FloridaYour old car has value. It may seem worthless and look like a piece of junk, but, rest assured, it definitely has some value, no matter the vehicle or the condition. If you are ready to get rid of your old car and move on to something better, the first important rule to remember about getting cash for your car is not to wait; move your car now. Waiting will decrease the money you can get for your vehicle, regardless of how you choose to dispose of it. Here are a few tips to help you get cash for your car in Florida.

Sell It

Unless your car is a complete wreck, you can get cash from your car by selling it. To maximize the cash potential, sell it yourself, not through a dealer or a trade-in. Clean the car thoroughly, inside and out. Once clean, it may make financial sense to invest a bit of money into the car. One example of a good investment is detailing. Paying $100 to $200 to have your car detailed will increase the sales price potential of your car, sometimes as much as $500. You may want to fix a few of the major problems with your car. Financially, it won’t make sense to fix everything, but some things are hard for buyers to ignore. Large dents that can easily be removed should be repaired. Keyless entry systems need to work, so replace the batteries or repair the remotes. Careful attention to these details will help you get good value for your old car.

Donate It

This disposal method is not technically cash, but donating your car to charity will get you a sizable tax deduction. Most charities will tow your car away for free, which is especially helpful if the car doesn’t work anymore. If you want to get rid of your car, you want reasonable value for the car, and you want to find a way to serve your community, vehicle donation is your answer.

Dismantle It

Get Cash for Your Car in FloridaThe pieces of your car have value by themselves and you can list and sell these pieces to individuals online. There is a good market for used car parts, and anything in your car that still looks good and works can be sold. Radios, GPS devices, and airbags are some of the most valuable car parts. For example, airbags from a 2010 Honda Civic can sell for as much as $900 apiece. Multiply that by two and you will start to see how dismantling your car can be lucrative. Undamaged exterior parts, like bumpers, can also fetch good money. You can easily find instructions for removing car parts online, so if this kind of work appeals to you, you should certainly consider selling your old car piece by piece.

Junk It

Some cars are really just junk. When the necessary repairs are expensive and the damage is extensive, your financially savviest choice may be to junk the car. Contact your local junk yard in Florida. Let them know the details about the car, the extent of the damage, and its current Kelly Blue Book value. They will buy your car at salvage value, tow the car away, and process all the paperwork.

Whatever the condition of your old car, it still holds some value. But don’t wait; that value is decreasing every day you hesitate.

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