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4 Reasons to Junk Your Car

You may have a car that is not in very good shape or was abandoned and you are wondering what to do with it. Your options are to put just enough money into it to keep it running for as long as possible, park it and let it sit until you have to make a decision, or take it to one of the junk yards in Florida. The following are 4 very good reasons to choose that last option.

Protects the Environment

The reasons your car will not pass emission inspections is that it is putting more pollution into the air than is legally allowed. Getting it off the road is your best choice. Letting a car sit for months and even years can create different kinds of damaging issues to the environment. Eventually, the plastics, rubbers, and connections start to break down, which can create avenues for fluids and chemicals to drop down into the soil and eventually the nearest water supply.


Most people know all about recycling cardboard, plastic bottles, glass, and paper. Maybe you didn’t know vehicles can be recycled too. Tires, batteries, glass, steel, iron, belts, radiators, carpets, mats, seats, transmissions, rubber, and oil filters are examples of materials in vehicles that can be recycled. Once everything that can be recycled is, the approximately 20% that is left will eventually find its way into a landfill. When these parts are available for recycling, items can be made with already-existing materials instead of having to harvest or manufacture more which saves an incredible amount of money and time.

Saving Money

Every vehicle will eventually need some repairs; some will cost very little and other repairs will be costly and extensive. When the repairs start costing more than the vehicle is worth, it is time to consider junking it. If your vehicle has sentimental value, then the cost is irrelevant and junking is usually not an option. But, if junking is an option, most junk yards offer free towing and will go get the car wherever it is located. You don’t have to spend more money trying to get it running so you can drive it to the junk yard. You won’t have to waste any more money trying to get it working. You also will get more miles for the money you spend on gas, because the new car you will be able to buy will run much more efficiently.

Making Money

Not only will the junk yard not charge you for picking up your vehicle, they will actually pay you for it. They will do a quick appraisal, based on the age and condition of the vehicle, which is what they will base the amount paid to you on. A vehicle that has been abandoned and left on your property by someone else, a car that has been totaled or severely damaged in an accident, or an old car that has served you well are all wanted by junk yards. All you have to do is make the call and start the process.

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