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5 Awesome Things You Can Learn from Visiting Salvage Yards

Wrecker Yards in Florida What exactly is a salvage yard? Is it a junk lot? Is it as messy as a recycling center? Some people have very negative assumptions about them, but if you search one of the Florida salvage yards for auto parts, you would be surprised what you would find. We at U Pull & Save would like to share the top 5 amazing things you can learn when you stop by a salvage yard for your automotive needs.  

Junk Yards Have Anything but Junk

Do not let the term “junk yard” confuse you: Rather than old clothes and food waste, auto junk yards carry a variety of vehicles of a variety of makes, all available for savvy auto experts to claim. If you come prepared with tools and a keen eye for quality, you can find usable parts as well as intact vehicles that just need some TLC before they can hit the road again.

Even at your first visit to wrecker yards in Florida, you will find that some of the cars have simply been abandoned by their owners and are surprisingly intact instead of wrecked. This brings us to our next fact.

Some of the Cars Are Definitely Wrecked

Some cars at a salvage yard will look like the result of a pile-up accident and that is OK. You will be surprised how many engine components and other valuable parts can survive a wreck, neglect, or even abuse.

Take crankshafts and upholstery, for example. Many cars that end up at a salvage junk yard in Florida have been totaled in an accident and were sold for cash. This means that some exterior damage may have rendered the car unsafe to drive but all interior parts could be in perfect condition. These pieces are up for grabs.

Some Parts Have Crossover Use

Say you drive a Honda 2006 CR-V and are looking for a replacement muffler. Maybe all you can find are 2008 CR-Vs or even a Honda Civic on the lot. Could the muffler for one of these vehicles fit your own and be safe to use? This is possible! There are plenty of parts that can be used in vehicles of the same model but different years, the same make but different models, or something entirely different! With a bit of creativity and automotive knowledge, you can find working parts for the intended vehicle in what may not, at first, seem like a perfect match.

Cheap Junk Yards in Florida

There Is a Cheaper Way to Buy Tires

New tires can come with steep prices. Depending on the brand and quality, you could spend over $200 for a single tire! Most people cannot afford to spend over $800 for a brand-new set of tires. Thankfully, cheap junk yards in Florida offer an alternative: like-new tires for a fraction of the price. Many people who visit salvage yards are surprised to find a wide variety of tires and other auto accessories at highly competitive prices.

Salvage Hunting Can Be Fun!

It is predictably satisfying to not only fix up vehicles on your own but to find salvage parts on your own at very low prices. Regular visitors to a salvage junk yard in Florida know that the gratification of searching for vehicle parts and discovering all the pieces (or intact vehicles) you need makes a real hobby of automotive work. Trust us: you might find yourself stopping by for the thrill of it or simply to store up parts for the future.

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