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5 Need-to-Know Facts When Selling a Junked Car

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Each year in the U.S., approximately 12-15 million cars reach the end of their mechanical lives, and as a result, most of those end up in salvage yards for recycling. In fact, old vehicles create over 25 million tons of recyclable materials yearly, which add about $25 billion to our country’s gross domestic product (GDP).

Recycling a vehicle provides parts that can be sold to repair other cars, and are sold in salvage yards or self-service salvage yards in Florida. The metal can be sold to steel mills. The good news is that local car owners can benefit financially, and get cash for cars in Florida as well.

At salvage yards like U Pull & Save, we specialize in selling parts from the junked cars we purchase from our customers. We remove the parts from the car and then recycle the car in an environmentally friendly way, according to government regulations.

We have years of experience purchasing unwanted vehicles in the Fort Myers area. The following are some tips to ensure a problem-free experience when selling your junked car.

It’s All Legal

When selling a junked car to a salvage dealer, proof of ownership is required. This can be the title or some other document that proves the car is owned by the person selling it. Although some junk dealers in Florida may offer a “no title, no problem” approach, we prefer to keep things legal. After we agree on a price, we will provide a bill of sale for the transaction. If there are unusual circumstances about your junked vehicle’s title, just ask us, and we can discuss the issues to determine if we can purchase the car from you.

Multiple Cars

Occasionally, a customer contacts us about selling multiple junked vehicles. Call us to discuss the options.

Abandoned Car

Can we remove an abandoned car from your property if it does not belong to you? Not usually. Abandoned property—and the steps to declare it abandoned—fall under state law. We suggest you contact the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to determine whether or not the car can be salvaged without the owner’s consent.

Determining Value

The value of a junked car depends upon a variety of factors. We consider the make and model of the car, the model year, and its condition before offering the customer a price. We are confident that we offer the best prices in the Fort Myers area for junked cars, and we accept quote calls 24/7.

Anything on Wheels

Some junkyards only purchase cars; others, like U Pull & Save, also purchase vans, trucks, SUVs, and more—running or not. A title or proof of ownership is required.

Non-running cars or wrecked cars are eyesores. They can cause complaints from neighbors, and detract from your home’s appearance. Get cash for your junk car today. Contact a salvage yard specializing in removal and recycling of junked cars.

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