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5 Ways to Fix Your Car for Less

If your car is in need or serious repairs or a replacement, you may find that you simply do not have the cash to take it to an auto mechanic for repairs. Never fear, as there are actually several ways that you can save money and fix your car for a lot less than taking the vehicle to a mechanic. From doing the repairs yourself to locating the parts for repairs, there is much you can do to get your car fixed on a tight budget.

5 Ways to Fix Your Car for Less

So, you’re running low on funds but find that your car needs to be repaired? No worries! With a little help from U Pull n Save and a bit of elbow grease, your car will be good as new in no time! We’ve complied a list of five ways that you can fix your car for less money.

Do the repairs yourself: Whenever possible, doing car repairs on your own is the best way to save money. If you have the time and a bit of familiarity under the hood of a car, there are many straightforward repair jobs that a layman can do on his own. Since you will not be paying a mechanic for labor, you will save at least 50% on every repair, and sometimes more.

Locate the replacement parts yourself: Whenever possible, you should locate gently used, high-quality replacement parts for your vehicle. The auto shop can find them for you, but they will charge you more. U Pull n Save has hundreds of high-quality replacement parts for all types of vehicles, and you will find them for a fraction of the cost of new parts. This is a great way to save some money and get the repairs done at a reasonable rate.

Shop around and get quotes: If the repairs are too tricky for you to do on your own, make sure you take the car to at least three mechanics, and get a quote on repairs from each one. This will help you to gauge the average cost of repairs, and will help you spot a dishonest mechanic.

Keep your car properly maintained: The secret to a longer life for your vehicle (and to avoid expensive repairs) is to invest in your vehicle’s maintenance. Make sure you change the oil, get the tires rotated, and have an annual checkup of the entire system. Catching problems early when they are small is the best way to avoid spending a lot on car repairs.

Know when it is time to throw in the towel: If you find that the repairs for your vehicle are more expensive than the car itself, it is probably time to throw in the towel and get a new car.

Did you know that U Pull n Save also pays cash for used vehicles? Even if your car no longer runs, we still want it. We also provide towing service, which makes selling your broken-down car that much easier.

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