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8 Things to Watch Out for When Buying Used Parts

Car Parts from a Junkyard in Florida Buying auto parts can be aggravating, whether that’s due to trying to find a rare, unique part that isn’t readily available or the high markups on prices that you find at a dealership. For discount prices, your best bet will often be buying used auto parts, but that can present its own challenges. Are you sure that you’re getting the best deal available? Will the part be in good condition? Can you exchange it or get your money back if it isn’t the right part? Continue reading for 8 things to watch out for when buying used auto parts.

Research Is Key

You can search online for databases that you can use to research car parts. If you have the right parts number, you should be able to search and find the part that you need. Always make sure that you’ve confirmed the correct part number with your dealership, so you know what you need. Different makes, models, and years can require totally different parts, and you can end up wasting a lot of time and money hunting down and buying a part that you don’t need.

Secondhand Websites

You can also search eBay or Craigslist, but you should be careful about buying parts “as is” and search for distance, shipping, and total price. Foreign shipping can take a month or more to get the part to your door.

Coupons Can Help

You can often find rebates, promotional offers, or other bargains that will help with cost. Be sure to look online and see what’s available either from the manufacturer or another source. Sometimes you can find free shipping, lifetime warranties, or steep rebates that can have a big impact.

Finding Rare Gems

If you can’t find a rare part available online, you may need to look for it in person. Although Craigslist can be a gamble, you may be able to find a local junkyard or used auto parts dealer that will have it in stock.


If you try a salvage yard, you will often find great deals on parts, and if you know what you’re looking for, you could get lucky and find the rare part that you need. A self-service junkyard will often give you the best deal, but it may require a bit of luck to find what you need.

Finding in a Forum

Make and model forums can connect you with hobbyists and enthusiasts from other states and even other continents. They may also feature dedicated parts-list threads, which could be tremendously helpful in your search. Don’t be hesitant in asking for help.

Used Auto Parts from a Junkyard in Florida

A Car for Parts

You can go to a public auction or salvage auction and buy a replacement car. While the car itself may be inoperable, you can still use it for parts. Remember that a car from an auction could cost several hundred dollars, so this isn’t always the most cost-effective option.

The Dealership

This should always be your last resort. Although it’s usually easiest to find what you need at a dealership, you’ll also pay the highest price. If all else fails, you can always contact your dealership and either buy something that’s in stock or have them order the part for you.

Finding used auto parts in Florida doesn’t have to be a headache. Online dealers and websites will often allow you to get a refund and return parts that aren’t compatible or aren’t in working condition. You should always do your research and take your best bet, but that’s almost never going to be the dealership.

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