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9 Ways You Can Get More Cash for Your Used Car

Making the Most of Your Old Car

Want more cash for your old, used, or damaged car? Of course you do! At U Pull N Save, we are always looking for old junk cars. In fact, we are willing to offer cash for junk cars. That means it’s easier than ever to turn your old, dilapidated, driveway-dwelling junker into a tidy profit. But selling junkers is only one way to make money. What if you want to sell a car that still works? Whether it’s in good condition or a pile of rust, here are the 9 best tips for getting more money from your old car.

Man Cleaning Car

Tip 1: Clean Your Car

Does your car still run? Do you want to sell it to people who will actually use it? If so, you need to clean it thoroughly. Spending $200 on a full detailing job will net you more profits than you might realize. Imagine you wanted to buy a used appliance from an electronics store. If the one you were looking at was covered in food stains and fingerprints, you would probably ask a salesman or woman if you could get it at a discounted price (or you would skip it altogether). The same goes for cars. Even if the car itself is great, dirt will drop the price or scare buyers.

Tip 2: Documents Matter

The more documents you have, the easier it will be to sell your car. Did you replace the tires recently? If so, bring the receipt. Did you install a new air filter? If so, keep the documents to prove it. Did you take your car in for a recall and get the proper part installed? If so, you need the documents. Buyers want certainty, and certainty comes from documents.

Best Time to Sell a Car in Florida

Tip 3: Timing Is Everything

Want to sell your convertible? Wait until fall passes and winter is on its way out. Need to sell your old minivan? Wait until a month before school starts. With proper timing, you can sell just about any vehicle and make more money in the process.

Tip 4: Know Your Location

Here in Florida, the weather is almost always warm and sunny. Because of that, you will have a much easier time selling a sports car, convertible, or rare car than you would a 4×4. On the other hand, if you are planning on selling an off-road car, your best bet is to target people who live in a rural area or somewhere snowy.

Man Clicking Pictures with Camera

Tip 5: Pictures Say $1,000

If you are going to post pictures of your vehicle online, you need quality photos. You do not need to be an expert photographer to take great photos; you don’t even need a great camera (most modern phones will take quality photos). However, you must keep a few things in mind. First, don’t have any distractions in the background (like garbage cans, pets, people, or other cars). Second, wait until the lighting is perfect (afternoons and cloudy days work best). Third, highlight important parts of your car that will help buyers determine overall quality (such as the dash, the wheels, the hood, and the trunk). Quality photos sell cars quickly.

Tip 6: Don’t Rush

While this tip can apply to selling just about anything, it’s especially appropriate with cars. If you are desperate for cash and need to sell your car immediately, you are much more likely to wind up with a poor deal or a terrible price. Do everything you can to avoid rushing, and you are almost guaranteed to make more money. It’s not always possible to plan your financial situation or know what is going to happen in your life. But if you even think you are going to sell your car or know you will need some extra cash for vacation, a planned medical procedure, or some other issue and your car is the means to pay for it, place the ads sooner than later.

Tip 7: Know When to Sell or Scrap

Old Car in Salvage Yard in Florida At U Pull N Save, we are always looking for cars from the Fort Myers region and surrounding areas. If you have an old car that doesn’t work, you can make several hundred dollars (or more) by selling it to us. Old cars are unsightly and take up space in your garage or on your driveway. Even if they don’t run, your car’s parts can be recycled, sold, or repurposed. Because of that, you should never leave an old car sitting around.

However, there is a difference between a dilapidated disaster and a car that can be fixed. If you can make more by fixing your car and selling it, there is no reason to junk it. However, if it has hundreds of thousands of miles, is several decades old (and is not rare or collectible), or needs dozens of new parts, you will get more out of it by junking it.

Tip 8: Don’t Ask Friends and Family

Friends and family are great for just about any help or assistance you need. However, if you want to sell a car, avoid going to them first. You are much, much more likely to give friends or family members a great deal because you know them. While that’s a great way to be generous, if you actually want to make a decent profit, sell it to strangers.

Exhaust Systems for Cars

Tip 9: Upgrade Carefully

Fixing a car to make it sell for more money is one thing, but upgrading it is another entirely. With a few careful upgrades, you can turn an average vehicle into a great one. However, just like renovating a home, not all upgrades will provide a return on your investment. Visual and frivolous enhancements like wheels and exhaust systems won’t really help but new seats, filters, AC units, and tires will.

Get More for Your Car

At U Pull N Save, we are always looking for junk cars to turn into cash. If you have an old car and live in the Fort Myers area, you can make a good profit by junking it. Don’t have a junker? As long as you follow the tips listed above you can make the most of your car, no matter what condition it’s in.

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