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Benefits of Donating Your Old Car to a Junkyard

If your vehicle has aged past its prime, and it is no longer the trusty mode of transportation upon which you once relied, you will probably wonder where its next home should be. Many people ask us what benefits they can receive from donating or selling to a junkyard, and we are happy to assure them that they will discover some great incentives to do so. Much easier than selling an unreliable clunker that will not provide any significant profit in a regular market, dealing directly with a junkyard eliminates time-consuming hassles while still making it possible to get cash from your car. This method of removing your unsightly old automobile has several benefits.

No Third Party

Trying to sell your car via another means will likely involve another company to facilitate the transaction. This can result in wasted time, as you will need to wait for all parties to coordinate financial arrangements and any necessary face-to-face meetings. Involving a third party immediately adds time and complexity to the transaction.

Easy Removal

If your car has completely given up the ghost, and you want to sell it yourself, you will immediately find yourself in a quandary. You can certainly not drive it to a more convenient and visible spot to sell it. Even if you manage to roll it there, a used car lot is not going to have a use for it. On the other hand, if you deal directly with a junkyard that provides free and fast towing, you can wave goodbye to your clunker from the comfort of your own home.

Possible Tax Deduction

Donating your ancient or wrecked vehicle to a non-profit organization may or may not result in a tax deduction. If you find that your situation might qualify for this benefit, just bear in mind that the money will not materialize until next year at tax time. Many people whose vehicles have died need the profit from it immediately so they can purchase a new automobile. Also keep in mind that if you want a charity to get the profit from your car, the vehicle itself will still most likely end up in a scrapyard. Some people may prefer to sell a car directly to the junkyard, so they have more control over the transaction, and then simply donate the money themselves.

Environmental and Consumer Benefit

Doing business with an excellent facility will ensure that your vehicle is properly recycled. Experts in this field can guarantee that this is done in an environmentally friendly, government-approved manner. In addition, donating or selling an old car to a reputable junkyard gives the gift of affordable auto parts to other vehicle owners. One car can provide pieces to owners of multiple other automobiles. This helps both the buyers and the environment, as less of the car ends up unused.

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