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Benefits Of Finding Used Parts at a Junkyard

Salvage yards are amazing. They pay cash for cars in Florida; in fact, they pay cash for all kinds of cars in Florida. Salvage yards are buying cars every single day. They buy totaled, old, foreign, American, and even classic and rare cars. That’s why they’re so amazing; you just never know what you’ll find.

Your local Florida salvage yard is a great resource if you’re in the market for car parts. Here’s why:

Cash For Cars Florida

Low Prices

You can’t beat the prices at the salvage yard. Most of the time, the parts you’ll find at U Pull & Save are OEM parts which are crazy expensive if you try to buy them new. Bring your tools, pay our $1 entrance fee, and find the parts you need. You’ll have a great time, get the best parts for your project, and save a bucket full of money. What could be better?

Like-New Parts

At a basic level, every part you’ll find at a salvage yard is used, but the spectrum of “used” is very, very broad. Yes, we get our share of old, battered cars that are in pretty bad shape. But we also get lots of newer cars wrecked and subsequently totaled by insurance. Obviously, parts of these cars are quite damaged, but the rest are like new. For example, consider a late model car that’s been rear-ended and declared a total loss. The front end is still perfectly fine – the headlights, windshield, and even mechanical components aren’t damaged at all.

Great Selection

We’ve got nearly every kind of car you can imagine on our massive 6-acre self-serve lot. And, if we don’t have the car you need today, we might have it next week or the week after that since our inventory is constantly changing.

If you’re in the market for parts for a foreign vehicle or a rare car, give us a call. You just might be surprised. People get rid of these types of cars all the time, so we may have exactly what you need.

The other thing to remember is that many car parts are interchangeable. The more models you have to choose from, the greater the odds of finding what you need. With a bit of research ahead of time, you might find half a dozen or so models that contain a part you can use for the car you’re working on.


Yep, you heard that right. Salvage yards are great for the environment. These days upwards of 80% of a car’s materials can be recycled, and our salvage yard is actively engaged in making that happen. To that end, you should know the following:

  • We comply fully with all environmental regulations concerning the storage and disposal of salvage vehicles. These regulations are stringent, and we take pride in being fully compliant.
  • We drain fluids from every vehicle as soon as they arrive on our lot. We do this safely so that nothing enters the ground water.
  • Fluids that can be recycled are recycled. Those that can’t are treated so they can be disposed of safely.
  • We recycle every single bit possible of every single car. Tires, plastics, and metals are all sold for recycling and reuse. Nothing goes to waste at U Pull & Save.

Buying a Car With Cash in FloridaOur salvage yard is NOT a landfill. We’re all about recycling and caring for the environment.


Much of what you’ll purchase from our yard is as-is, but we offer a limited warranty for big-ticket items like engines or transmissions. Talk to us directly about how your purchase is protected.

It’s Time to Visit U Pull & Save

Come on into U Pull & Save today to see for yourself why we’re the best place to buy used auto parts in central Florida. We have a great selection of cars to choose from, and we offer low, low prices on used auto parts. You simply can’t find OEM auto parts anywhere else for less.

We buy cars with cash in Florida every day. We’ll buy any car in any condition on any day of the week. We pay fair prices and offer free towing. And, if you’ve got an old car sitting around, give us a call for a free, no-obligation quote. What have you got to lose? Just give us ten minutes of your time, and we’ll make a deal that’s too good to refuse.

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