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Benefits of Used Car Parts

Used Car PartsWhen you’re repairing something on your vehicle, you might need to look for some replacement parts. But should you buy brand-new ones from an auto shop? Or should you look for used ones instead? Often, this can depend on which part you’re replacing. But so long as the part is a durable one and you’re buying from a reputable business, buying used car parts in Florida can benefit many. Here are just a few of them.

Lower Price

The most obvious benefit of buying used car parts is that they’re going to cost you quite a bit less than new ones. When purchasing from salvage yards, you have two different options: full-service or self-service. Full-service yards pull and clean the parts themselves before putting them up for sale. They’re more expensive but take less of your time since you don’t have to do your pulling. Self-service yards require you to find and pull the part on your own, but the parts will cost you less as a result.

Depending on which parts you’re looking for, you could save dozens or even hundreds of dollars on your repairs if you pull the parts from a self-service salvage yard instead of buying them from a supply store. While pulling parts will take a bit more time and effort, it can be more than worth it to salvage the part when you can keep a large chunk of money in your wallet as a result.

Better for the Environment

Producing new car parts requires energy and resources, and it creates pollution. Meanwhile, perfectly usable car parts are already sitting in junkyards around the country. If nobody pulls and uses those parts, they could end up in the landfill, adding to a growing excess waste problem. Salvage parts are an easy and affordable way to recycle auto parts instead of producing new ones. You help keep parts out of the landfill, and you reduce the demand for new parts, which reduces pollution and the use of nonrenewable resources.

Higher Standards

Pulling Junk Car PartsThe parts initially built into a vehicle must meet stringent standards of performance. The parts original to a car (known as an original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, parts) are rigorously tested. Aftermarket parts are held to a much lower standard. They’re not required to perform as well as OEM parts, and they may not even perfectly fit your make and model of vehicle. This is because aftermarket parts are often designed to fit as many models as possible to maximize sales. But that usually means reduced performance and a shorter lifespan for the part.

Salvage yards can be an excellent source for OEM parts. Just look for a car of the same make and model as your vehicle, and you can find many OEM parts that are still in excellent condition. Once they’re cleaned up, these parts can often provide the same level of performance as the original parts on your car and for much less than a brand-new aftermarket part.

When looking for parts, you might think that newer is always better, but that’s not always the case. Many durable OEM parts will still have years of use on them when the car is sent to the junkyard, and you can get those parts for a fraction of the price of lower-quality aftermarket parts. So if you’re looking for used parts, visit junkyards in Florida to find them, and be sure to make U Pull N Save your first stop!

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