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Best Junk Yard Finds

Old Junk Cars on the FieldHere at U Pull & Save, we love the old mantra about one man’s junk being another man’s treasure. We see this process fulfilled here just about every day. We store many items that are no longer useful to most people and we sell those items to other people who can give the items new life. Some of the most common items we see this happen to are as follows:

  • Car parts: This is by far the most common reason we see people here. They come looking for parts to fix up their car. Our vast selection of trashed cars can usually yield what they are looking for.
  • Lumber: Wood is something that can be refinished and reused in many different ways. We love helping carpenters and builders find lumber that they can use in positive ways.
  • Glass: This is another material that can be cut and refinished to work in many different ways. We get lots of panes of glass here. If we can keep them intact, then we can help crafters out there make something beautiful.
  • Antique furniture: A lot of people think all of the old stuff from their grandma’s house is junk. We see a lot of really beautiful pieces end up here, and it is exciting when someone can come through and see the real worth in these pieces. If you love antiques, then this might be a fun option to pursue.
  • Decorative signs: If you love the vintage look in your decor, then you will want to look for old signs to use in this fashion. Restaurant signs, street signs, and other such things all end up here, and are all full of character and history.

Honestly, we get a huge variety of items passing through here, and we tend to know what is worth selling versus what will need to be melted down or buried. Most junk yards have some incredible hidden treasures if you give them a chance.

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