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Biggest Mistakes That Will Kill Your Car

Whenever you buy a new car, you have a couple options for the life of your car. You can take good care of it and hopefully it will live a long and happy life for you. The other option is to make mistakes with your car, not maintain it properly or regularly, and eventually let it land in the junkyard. If it comes to that, we are happy to take your junk car off your hands. But if you want to avoid some of the common car mistakes that many people make to kill their car, here are just a few of those things that you’ll want to avoid.

Neglecting Regular Oil Changes

Manufacturers recommendations for the frequency of oil changes varies by manufacturer, but with recent technology in new cars, frequency of recommended oil changes can be anywhere from 3,000 to as much as 7,800 miles. Regardless of what your manufacturer recommends for oil changes, it is essential that you never skip an oil change. You simply cannot afford to deal with all the problems that arise when you neglect regular oil changes.

Not Getting Regular Tire Rotations

Tire rotations can be an easy thing to forget, especially because you can drive your car for a long time on your tires as they are without realizing that your tires are bald or that your tread is low until you hit bad weather or wet roads. The only way that you know how your tires are aligned correctly is to have them rotated by a professional regularly.

Ignoring Your Warning Lights

One of the biggest car mistakes that we see people make is ignoring your warning lights. If your check engine light is on or your tire pressure maintenance signal is beeping, do not procrastinate taking it in to get checked up on. Warning lights on your vehicle’s dashboard should always be taken seriously and they never go off without any reason. You will be grateful if you take it in immediately for something small rather than waiting until the problem has gotten major and becomes very expensive to fix.

Leaving Work to the Amateurs

There are a lot of things that you can do yourself on your car, but nothing should be approached without thoroughly understanding how the work is supposed to be done. A lot of problems get a lot worse when you approach a car repair project on your own or leave the work to someone who doesn’t know exactly what they are doing. When you need to junk your car, bring it to the car recycling professionals to make sure it is recycled properly. In the meantime, try to avoid those mistakes we have listed out for you above to keep your car out of the junkyard.

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