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Does Auto Recycling Benefit Junkyards?

When a car has reached the end of its useable life, it usually ends up in a junkyard or an auto recycling plant. In reality, however, many cars actually make their way through both of these places before driving down that big highway in the sky. That’s because, after we buy a car with cash in Fort Myers, FL, we bring it to our yard to be picked clean of its usable parts; then, we pass it on to an auto recycler. The junkyard industry and the auto recycling industry work hand in hand. Businesses like ours have a mutually beneficial relationship with auto recyclers, and we reap many rewards from this relationship. Keep reading to learn more about how auto recycling benefits junkyards like ours.

Disposing of Scrap MetalBuy a Car with Cash in Florida

At a salvage yard, a great deal of what’s inside of a car can be pulled off, sold, and reused by customers who are conducting their own vehicle repairs. But even if every usable part on a car is pulled—from its radio and seats to its transmission and doors—we’re still left with a metal husk sitting on our lot. The average consumer isn’t going to have much use for an old car frame, so it’s hardly something we can sell to those who come to pull parts from our yard. So, rather than sending the frames to a landfill or allowing them to rust away in a corner of our salvage yard, we send them to an auto recycler.

Auto recyclers can melt down and reuse a great deal of the metal found in old cars. So, while they get material to make new products, we get to clear out space in our junkyard to bring in new inventory. By allowing us to constantly rotate in more options for our customers to pull from, the auto recycling industry does our company a great service.

Generating More Revenue

Of course, we don’t give away those old cars for free to the auto recycler. Despite the fact that they have no more usable parts, those frames still have value. Metal can be sold off by the pound, and not just in the form of car frames either. Any metal components from old cars that aren’t usable for consumers can be sold to auto recyclers.

Different types of metal have different values attached to them, and their worth is constantly fluctuating, but this still provides a steady income stream for junkyards. Our business is able to generate additional revenue by selling off the scrap metal that pullers like you can’t use to another business that can use the raw materials. While the majority of a car’s scrap metal is steel, we do sometimes recycle other metals like copper and aluminum found in various vehicle components.

Sometimes, we will also work with other types of recyclers who work in materials aside from metal. This all depends on what’s left of a vehicle after it’s been cleaned of usable parts; for example, we’ll recycle old car batteries with the appropriate companies. However, the bulk of what we sell to recyclers is in the form of raw metal materials, and it’s with metal recyclers that we do most of our business.

Keeping Things a Little Greener

You might not think it when you look at a junkyard, but companies like ours are helping to make the world a little bit greener. By selling used car parts to consumers, we help reduce the demand for new car parts, which take significant resources to produce. We help encourage people to reuse and recycle, and our relationship with the auto recycling industry helps us to do that.

Being a green business can be tough for salvage yards like ours. We work hard to ensure that engine fluids from old cars don’t leak and contaminate the soil or underground water reserves, try to keep the yard organized and clean, and overall minimize our impact on the environment. But we’d be a lot less green if we had to leave heaps of scrap metal sitting around, turning to rust. Thanks to auto recyclers, that’s not a problem, and we can help protect the environment a little bit more through our relationships with these businesses.

Giving Our Customers ConfidenceBuy Parts from a Junk Yard

We’re not the only ones concerned with being environmentally friendly. Many consumers nowadays are more prone to do business with eco-friendly companies than those who don’t utilize any environmentally friendly business practices. Our relationship with auto recyclers allows us to give customers peace of mind that, by working with U Pull & Save, you’re making the most environmentally-conscience decision you can make with your old car.

When you sell your old car to us, you can rest assured that we’ll do our best to reuse every part of the vehicle. Visitors to our lot will pull off the usable parts, and we’ll make every effort to recycle anything that still remains. And, if you’re a picker pulling parts, you can do business with us knowing that you’re helping to minimize what goes into our local landfills.

We’re Proud to Work with Auto Recyclers,

At U Pull & Save, we’re proud to partner with auto recyclers in our area to minimize waste and give back to the environment. When buying a car with cash in Fort Myers, FL, we know that that car will be used to its fullest extent, and that our auto recycling partners will help to find ways to reuse any remaining raw materials. We benefit, the auto recycler benefits, and our clients and the environment benefit from this partnership as well. Whether you’re selling an old car or looking for used parts, we invite you to contact U Pull & Save today to see just a small part of how our junkyard and our auto recycling partners are making the most out of old cars.

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