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Eco-Friendly Methods to Dispose Your Car

Junk Yards in Florida

If you’re thinking about getting rid of your old ride, why not make a few dollars in the process? Charities and junk yards in Florida can help you dispose of your car Keep reading and learn more from U Pull N Save.


You can sell your old car to a dealership, but chances are you’ll make more if you take it to your local scrap yard. A dealership will evaluate your car based on appearance and how much work they’ll have to put into it to turn around and sell it again. A junk yard isn’t looking for a pristine paint job or new carpeting. They don’t even care if the car isn’t running. If you have to haul it, bring it down to your local junk yard and get a better estimate than you would at a dealership. If you go this route, make sure your local scrap yard is certified to receive and handle used cars. Ask for their business license and destruction certification before handing over the keys. This will protect you from scam artists as well as legal liability.


If you’re feeling philanthropic, you can donate your car to a local charity. Local schools will sometimes use donated vehicles as part of their driver’s ed program. Even animal and wildlife organizations accept vehicle donations, especially trucks and SUVs. Major charity organizations like the American Red Cross will accept gently-used vehicles through their One Car One Difference program. They streamline the donation process for you by identifying smaller organizations and families in need of transportation. If you donate to a local charity, make sure to do your research to avoid a potential charity scam. A charity organization should have a registered 501(C)(3) designation that you can verify with federal authorities. When you donate your vehicle, you can write it off next year’s taxes.


Whether you donate or sell your car, you’re essentially recycling it and promoting environmental health. A junk yard in Florida will remove any usable parts from your car and sell them used either onsite or online. Once the car has been gutted, the remaining pieces are crushed and melted down to be used in other industrial applications. After inspection, a donated car finds a second life in the care of a new family that desperately needed transportation.

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