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Everything You Need to Know about Selling Your Junk Car?

If you have an old, beat-up car that has reached the end of its useful life, you might need to figure out what to do with it. Used cars that are still in good condition can easily be sold to another driver, but cars that aren’t reliable or may not even run are much more difficult to get rid of. Oftentimes, the only place to sell these cars is at a Florida car parts junkyard. If you’re trying to sell a junker, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the process.Florida Car Parts Junk Yard

Who Will Take Junk Cars?

The market for an old, unreliable car that needs a lot of repairs may be very small, but it’s not nonexistent. Generally speaking, you have four options for getting rid of a junk car:

  1. Trade it in. Any dealership where you can buy a new car will usually offer to buy your old car as a trade-in. They’ll often even take your junk car off your hands for you, even if they can only offer you a couple of hundred bucks off your new car. If you’re in the market for a new car and can get a decent trade-in value, this might be a fantastic option for you.
  2. Donate it. If you don’t really need the cash from your old car, many charities will take the car so that you can get it off your property. You can support a good cause while clearing your garage for a newer vehicle.
  3. Find a hobbyist mechanic. Many people enjoy buying up old cars, doing the repairs themselves, and reselling the vehicles for a higher price. With any luck, you just might be able to find a hobbyist mechanic who’s interested in buying and flipping your junker.
  4. Sell to a junkyard. As mentioned above, junkyards are one of the few places where you can consistently sell a junk car. Businesses like ours buy these old cars and place them on our lot so that mechanics and individuals looking to repair their own vehicles can find used car parts for a low price. Because we can turn a profit off the usable parts in your car, we can often offer you a higher price than the other options above.

As you can see, there are plenty of options for selling a junk car than you might have thought. Be sure to consider all of them to find the right solution for you.

How Is the Price Determined?

When selling to a junkyard like ours, the price we can offer you for the vehicle will be based on market demand for your car’s parts, as well as the value of the metal components in your car. As we stated above, the primary source of profit we receive from buying these junk cars comes from the usable parts within them. Just like some cars are in higher demand than others, some car parts have more demand for them as well. For a make and model that has a lot of parts demand, we can offer a higher price.

The second source of profit we receive from your junk car comes after all of the usable parts have been stripped and sold. When your vehicle gets to this point, we take what’s left to a metal recycling plant. There, the car is weighed, and we receive a payment based on the weight of the metal and the current value of scrap metal. Metal values can change on a daily basis, which means the amount that we can offer for any vehicle can change quickly.

What’s the Process for Selling to a Junkyard?

If you’ve never sold to a junkyard before, you might be thoroughly surprised to find out just how easy it can be. Unlike selling to a private buyer, you don’t have to worry about sprucing up your car, taking photos, listing it, or doing any kind of repairs. We buy your car as is, regardless of its condition.

Contact us over the phone to answer some basic questions about your car. We’ll ask you about the make and model, its overall condition, any parts that might be missing from the vehicle, and a few other simple questions so we can assess the car’s value to our lot. Then, we’ll make you a no-obligation offer right over the phone.Florida Used Car Parts Salvage

If the quote we provide is acceptable to you, you can schedule a tow truck to come to your property to haul the vehicle away. Before the truck arrives, ensure you have the title and any other relevant documentation for the vehicle, and take the time to clean out your personal possessions; once we’ve taken the car away, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get back any items left inside. When the tow truck arrives, you will be provided with the quoted payment in cash—no towing fees or other hidden expenses will be taken out of that amount—hook up the vehicle, and tow it away. It’s really that simple!

Contact Us for a Free Quote on Your Junker

Have a junk car cluttering your property or taking up space in your garage? Contact U Pull & Save today for a free phone quote. We’ll make a very fair offer for your junk car in a matter of minutes and provide free towing from your property to our salvage yard. Or, are you on the hunt for high-quality used car parts? Our extensive Florida used car parts salvage lot gives you access to hundreds of vehicles so that you can find the part you need for your repairs. Call or stop by our lot today.

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