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Getting Cash for Your Junk Car: 3 Things to Consider

Junk Car in LawnIt’s not difficult to get cash for your junk car, but there are several things you might want to consider before you go down that route. First of all, you should consider if it might not be worth your time and money to fix the car instead. If you decide to take it to the junkyard, then it’s important to figure out how much it’s actually worth. Last but not least, you want to read up on negotiation tactics before selling your old vehicle. 

Should You Fix It?

Fixing a car that could very well just be a junk car may not seem worth the effort, but it might not take as much money as you think to get the car running again. A car that’s still running will often fetch more than a car that has to be towed.

For example, you might be able to sell it to a new student driver in your area. Many parents prefer to buy cheap cars for their kids when they first learn how to drive. If the car is in decent working condition but is missing some important comfort features, such as air conditioning, it could still work as a little commuter car. In short, it might be worth looking into what’s wrong with your car before you just decide to get rid of it altogether.

How Much Is It Worth?

It’s not easy to determine how much your junk car might be worth. Lots of factors come into play. For example, if your car is still driving, then it might be worth more. If there are a lot of salvageable parts in good condition, then you could also command a higher price. Obviously what a junkyard might be willing to pay for it also depends on the make, model, age, and overall condition of your vehicle.

At the very least, your car is worth its weight in scrap metal. Any car can be scrapped for its metal, and the scrap metal price will be pretty similar from one junkyard to the next. You might be able to find a junkyard who will offer to tow your car to save you some hassle in getting it there. If your car is in driving condition, then it will be easier to consider junkyards that are farther away from your home.

Junkyard Full of CarsHow to Negotiate the Sale

It can be tricky to negotiate the best price for your junk car. Ideally, you’ll spend some time online researching the value of the car you’re trying to sell. You can call different junkyards and compare their offerings. You could even try alternate routes of selling your car by putting it in a publicly visible place with a for-sale sign on it.

Junkyards might have some wiggle room on the amount they can offer you, but not as much as you might think. The used car parts are certainly worth something, but the junkyards sell them pretty inexpensively to interested buyers. When it comes down to it, your junkyard will have their limit of how much money they can offer you and you will have to decide if it’s worth it or not.


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