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Great DIY Projects You Can Make from Junkyard Parts

Salvage yards are not just sources for affordable auto parts. They can be treasure troves for one-of-a-kind home décor. With a little imagination and a few tools, you can find a vast array of parts that can be repurposed into useful and decorative DIY projects.

Many salvage yards not only offer cash for cars in Florida, they allow customers to pull parts themselves. Customers furnish their own tools, explore and find what they need, and then pay for the parts they’ve chosen.

There are vast numbers of project ideas available on the web. Listed below are four popular items used to create interesting, original pieces of decorative art for the home.


Old tires can be used for a variety of projects. They can be painted and used as colorful planters in the yard, or repurposed into a water hose caddy or small backyard pond. And who doesn’t love tire swings? Several DIY sites have a variety of creative tire swing ideas available.


Shiny metal hubcaps are a DIY favorite, with clocks and hanging lights being a popular project choice. They can also be painted and used as wall décor or yard art for the garden.

Wheel Rims

These metal pieces can be repurposed easily into planters, tables, and even outdoor fire pits. Paint them, add other components to them, and create a one-of-a-kind sculpture piece for your yard or home.

Suspension Components

The springs and coils from auto suspension systems are potential works of art. Lamps, mail organizers for the home office, and candle or plant holders are just a few of the ideas for repurposing old springs.

When scavenging through a salvage yard, it is important to dress appropriately and wear gloves. Broken glass and pieces of metal are everywhere, so observe safety precautions. Most salvage yards do charge a fee to enter. Seek out a salvage yard like U Pull & Save, which offers a wide selection and the best prices for salvaged parts.

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