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How Can Selling Your Junk Car Benefit the Environment

It may be hard to believe, but that somewhat unsightly car salvage yard in Florida you drive by every day on the way to and from work is an eco-friendly postcard for recycling. That’s right, and auto junkyards are just about as environmentally friendly as things can get. That’s because nearly 90% of the materials in your car can be recycled, making auto recycling not only good for the planet but also a lucrative business. If you have an old junk car that no longer runs or that you’re ready to offload and you’re looking for an environmentally responsible way to dispose of the vehicle, then our salvage yard needs to be your first and only call. Here’s why:


While our scrapyard might look like chaos, the truth is far from chaotic. Scrap yards are highly regulated and monitored to ensure they follow the latest environmental rules and regs. You can feel confident that ethical practices are being followed for every step of the process and, if you want more information to understand our processes better, you can ask us to provide the details.

No Landfills

Without the valuable services of a scrapyard, junk cars would be regulated to live out eternity in landfills where they would sit and sit and sit, polluting the surrounding soil and surrounding environment and taking up space.


Spare Parts

Our salvage yard does not crush your entire car into a cube the size of a microwave and then move on. We carefully take the whole car apart bit by bit. Every single part that can be reused is removed and sold. Every single part. That means fluids, seats, windows, tires, engines, batteries, floor mats – all of it. If it can be sold, it will be sold because that’s where the money is.


Your car contains quite a few fluids. Examples include the following:

  • Brake fluid
  • Transmission fluid
  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Antifreeze
  • And others…

Most of these fluids are toxic to some degree and, if allowed to leak into the ground, would cause problems such as:

  • Soil pollution
  • Harm to microorganisms
  • Contaminated water

At U Pull & Save in Fort Myers, FL, we carefully follow best practices for handling all these fluids. We drain each car carefully and safely so as not to cause contamination. Then we recycle the recyclable fluids and neutralize and safely dispose of the rest.


There are so many uses for old tires. Tires that still have good life left in them are sold to continue to be used. Old tires that are spent are chopped up and sold for use in various products such as playground mats, rubber turf, or even innovative fuels.

Scrap Metal

Regardless of the condition of your car, it’s full of one thing that is guaranteed to have value: metal. Salvage yards buy old cars, strip them down, and sell the steel and aluminum in the body and frame as scrap metal. Not only is the material salvaged and reused, but the energy it would have taken to generate new materials is saved. Car manufacturers are increasingly using this recycled metal to make new cars, which is excellent news for the environment.

The Bottom Line

We take our duty to seriously protect the world we live in, and we’re passionate about reusing and recycling old cars. The final decision you can make as an environmentally conscientious car owner is to choose to sell your old car to a cheap junkyard in Florida like U Pull & Save. Call us today to find out what your car is worth, and let us take care of it safely and responsibly.

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