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How Do You Choose the Best Salvaged Car Parts?

Man Checking Car in Junkyard Shopping for used car parts at vehicle scrap yards in Florida can be intimidating at first, but it can also land you some of the best deals you’ll ever see. While repairs at your local mechanic may cost thousands of dollars, you can often get the same parts at a scrap yard for a few hundred dollars. At U Pull & Save, we’re here to help make sure you find the best possible used parts for your vehicle. Here are 4 tips for choosing reliable salvaged parts.

Look at the Condition of the Parts

A visual inspection of a salvaged car part will often tell you all you need to know. While it might not look brand new, it should still be in relatively good condition. Avoid any with cracks, corrosion, or other obvious damage.

Look at the Condition of the Car

The car you pull the parts from can also tell you a lot about the condition of the parts. If the car looks relatively new, there’s a good chance that it has many parts with a lot of mileage left on them. On the other hand, if the car looks like it’s been baking in the sun for the last 20 years and it’s falling apart at the seams, you might want to skip it.

Ask about a Warranty

Many vehicle scrap yards in Florida offer limited warranties on certain parts, especially major components such as engines. These warranties cover any repairs that have to be made to the used part for a certain amount of time or mileage, and they’re a good way of ensuring you won’t have to worry about car trouble down the road.

Know What Parts to Avoid

A salvage junk yard in Florida is a great place to find many used car parts. However, there are some parts that should never be pulled from a scrap yard. Parts like air bags, brakes, and other safety-related parts should always be installed by a professional, since your life may depend on them. In addition, parts that have a lot of moving pieces are more likely to have hidden problems. Save the scrap yard for relatively simple parts like doors and seats, or else parts like radios that don’t have any effect on your safety if they fail.

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