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How Long Do Rebuilt Engines Last?

 When a car engine fails, it may be due to a single part becoming dysfunctional or broken. Engines are such delicate machines, after all, that every single part is crucial to its operation. When one part fails, the whole machine might fail.

When engines are rebuilt, a mechanic will deconstruct the engine for the sake of replacing any worn, broken, or old parts and replacing them with newer, superior ones.  While some car experts do not recommend that this be done unless the engine is almost new and only needs a few simple parts replaced, it is actually possible for an engine to be properly rebuilt. In fact, many experienced mechanics do this quite often.

A few factors determine if a rebuilt engine will be safe for driving:

  • The person who rebuilds the engine must have hands-on experience with fixing and building car engines.
  • The new or replaced engine parts must be compatible with the existing engine.
  • The engine as it is must be in poor condition or be missing several vital parts.
  • The engine must be completely compatible with the vehicle itself. In other words, you cannot install an engine built for a sports car into a car that is not built to be driven like a sports car.

With expertise and with the above factors met, it is possible for a rebuilt engine to work as well as the former engine that was originally installed with the vehicle.

While there are many factors affecting the life span of an engine, including your driving habits, the weather conditions where you live, and how often and far you drive your car, we can assure you that a rebuilt engine can absolutely last as long as a brand-new engine. The most important factor to its life span is having the expertise to build an engine properly, with access to a variety of engine parts that will suit the damaged or incomplete engine well.

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