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How Often Should You Replace Your Brakes?

Your Breaks Need Replacement

Your vehicle’s brakes eventually wear over time and need replacement. Failure to make this minor repair causes accidents and injuries. But, the question remains, how often should you replace the brakes? Junk yards in Fort Myers, Florida, get this question a lot, as do your neighborhood mechanics. It really depends on your driving habits and other factors. Here are some guidelines to help you determine if you need to replace your car’s brakes sooner or later.

Driving Patterns

The amount of pressure a driver applies while using their brakes has a lot to do with how quickly they wear. Also, if you’re a driver who rides your brakes or makes abrupt stops, it’s likely you’ll need replacement services sooner. To extend the life of your brakes, try to make smooth, gradual stops.

Your Route

What is your daily commute like? Is it mostly highway driving with few stops? Or, is it stop and go, where you hit light after light? City driving is very hard on brakes. If you do a lot of city driving, your brakes may start to show signs of wear and tear sooner.

Brake Material

Most drivers don’t know what material their brakes are made from and that’s okay. However, knowing this little bit of information can make it easier to tell how soon your brakes may need replacement. For example, standard metal brakes tend to wear out faster than carbon-ceramic brakes. Does that mean you should make the switch? Not necessarily. Carbon-ceramic brakes are expensive and suitable for sports cars or other high-performance vehicles. The average vehicle owner is better to stick with the standard metal brakes and forgo the added expense.

Where to Buy New Brakes

If your brakes are spongy, squeaky, or making a grinding sound when applied, it’s time for new brakes. So, where can you find new brakes? Local mechanics, brake shops, and auto stores all carry brakes to fit your vehicle. If you have the tools and know-how to install the brakes yourself, go for it. Otherwise, consider hiring the pros for this service.

Get Cash for Your Junk Car

Are new brakes not going to make a difference in how your vehicle runs? If it’s time to cut your losses, consider selling your vehicle to a junk yard. Cash for cars in Florida is a big industry and vehicle owners often get top dollar for their vehicles. Contact your local junk yard to learn more!

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