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How to Buy Auto Parts from a Salvage Yard

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For old, classic, or simply rare automobiles, sometimes it’s difficult to find the part that you want, and when you do, it may end up being prohibitively expensive. Uncommon can also mean pricey, and many mechanics and hobbyists have run into that issue. A salvage yard might be the solution. Keep reading to learn how to buy auto parts from a salvage yard. With a little luck, you may find exactly what you need at a price that won’t break the bank.

Easy Access

Some salvage yards keep detailed records of inventory coming in so they can point you to the right lot and row, depending upon your needs. Large and even medium-sized salvage yard companies often keep better records than local yards, which may have to actually visually verify their inventory. You may want to call around to multiple yards to compare their inventories to maximize your chances of finding the specific part or parts that you need.

Many “do-it-yourself” salvage yards will charge you an access fee, but it’s usually a minimal cost. So long as you have a little bit of time and the tools, you should be able to search for parts easily enough.  As a rule, you should always be careful in a salvage yard. They won’t provide you with tools, and you should be able to identify any parts needed without assistance. Although this might not always be ideal for people who need a part in a hurry, you shouldn’t be rushed by anyone on site. You should be able to take whatever time you need. For auto parts and salvage in Florida, it can basically be a process of elimination. Of course, you may make some fun discoveries while you’re there. Salvage yards can sometimes be a bit of an adventure.

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