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How to Decide What Your Junk Car Is Worth

Old Car on the FieldOne of the best ways to add appeal to your property is to get rid of the junk that is sitting around. If you have an old car that you are ready to take to a junk yard, then there are some things you should do to ensure that you get a good price for it. This is something that we have a bit of experience with here at U Pull & Save . These tips can help you have a smooth and profitable transaction.

Use the Blue Book

Some in the industry will tell you that this is outdated, but it is not. The Kelly Blue Book has stood as the baseline of automobile pricing for generations, and it continues to be a very accurate source.

Get Multiple Bids

If you talk to more than one place and get similar bids on your car, then you know they are likely being honest with you. If one bid is higher than the others, then you can choose wisely who you want to deal with.

List the Assets

When bargaining with the dealers, be sure to list out what the assets are. The metal, the working parts, and other such things can help you to raise the price the junk yard will pay for it. A list of this nature is something we like to look at so we know we are offering a fair price.

Check the Inventory

If a salvage yard has a lot of one kind of car, they are less likely to want to shell out too much money for similar vehicles. If, however, the car you are selling is something the junk yard is low on, then you will have some extra bargaining power. Look through the inventories of the different lots, if they are available, so you will know how to start pricing the car you are ready to sell.

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