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How to Evaluate Your Vehicle’s Worth

Vehicle Scrap Yards in FloridaEvery driver should be aware of their vehicle’s trade-in or resale value. How we drive, what we drive, and a number of specific qualities about the car affect how everyone from your dealership to vehicle scrap yards in Florida estimate its value. Though you can certainly trade in your vehicle if it is fairly new and in pitch-perfect condition, most of us would benefit from visiting a self-service salvage yard in Florida, where you can trade in your vehicle for cash without paperwork or commitments, and with only a few necessary details about the car.

So how is the value of a car determined? How much cash for cars in Florida can you expect to receive for your own vehicle? Here is how to calculate its worth.


There is a general rule for how valuable a car is to dealerships, based solely on customer demand. For the most part, customers would prefer to purchase either a very new vehicle (made within the last 3 years) or a very old vehicle (at least 30 years old). The former would be preferable for its lack of wear and high current market value; the latter would be preferable for its rarity and status as a collectible. Wrecker yards in Florida often follow this same rule, though there are some exceptions explained below.

Make and Model

Because the make and model of a vehicle directly affect its cost as a new purchase, they will affect the cash value of a used car down the line. While a luxury make and model always mean high trade-in value, there is some value to a common vehicle like a Honda Civic or Ford F-150. These vehicles are common among Florida drivers, so handy drivers can obtain helpful replacement parts from your vehicle, no matter the model year. A high demand for parts means high prices for these common cars. That being said, you can make a great deal of money off any vehicle that is safe to drive as-is, especially if the make and model have a high new purchase cost.

Condition and Appearance

Cash for Cars in Florida The condition of your car, including its mileage and apparent signs of damage, directly affects its resale value. Though significant accident damage and excessive wear-and-tear can make your vehicle almost worthless to traditional dealerships, junk yards will certainly take damaged and unusable vehicles. You will be surprised how much you can make off selling a damaged vehicle for parts! Even if the transmission is shot, the interior, radio, spark plug, and other parts may still be completely useful to other car enthusiasts.

Additional Features

Businesses like us that offer cash for cars in Florida know how to determine what our visitors want. That is why salvage yards will need to know what additional features your vehicle contains. Does it have a sunroof, high-quality hubcaps, a customized sound system, 4-wheel drive, or other high-demand features? Any and all additional features will increase the value of your car. All of this being said, calculating the cash value of your car is a complex process. We recommend that you visit a salvage yard for a quick-but-accurate calculation and an offer, should you be willing to sell today.

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