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How to Get Maximum Cash for Your Scrapped Car

Scrap car

If you happen to own an older or deteriorating car taking up space in your garage or yard, then it might be time for you to dispose of it. You can sell it to one of those businesses that buy a car scrapped for cash in Florida. However, make sure to deal with a good scrap car buyer and consider these things so you’ll get a fair deal in the end.


Read about your car before selling it to a junk shop. Who knows, there might be a treasure sitting in your garage, and you’ll never know if you don’t search and get an idea of how much they’re currently selling for. There are also forums and groups on social media to help you determine the value of your car.

Assess the Car’s Condition

If you don’t know how to do this on your own, go ahead and hire a mechanic. You can even ask a friend who’s into cars help you determine which parts are still working and which ones are not before you sell it to shops that offer top cash for junk cars in Florida. You can harvest the good parts and sell individually to get more out of your old car.

Shop Around for Scrap Buyers

Call scrap yards within your vicinity to inquire about the current value of your car. Compare prices and pick the one that offers the highest appraisal. If you don’t know any, look for them in phone directories and online.

Negotiate for a fair price for your vehicle. Remember, scrap buyers will always offer way lower than your car’s actual present value. You can also post on car forums and parts for sale ads online, or use social media. You might stumble upon people who are looking for parts for their project cars.

Clean the Car Inside-Out

A clean-looking car can fetch a better price at salvage yard locations than one that looks dirty and dilapidated. This little bit extra effort can make a huge difference in your vehicle’s appraised value.

These are only some ways to get the maximum amount for your old vehicle. Selling your old car to shops offering to buy a car with cash is easy if you follow these suggestions.


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