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How to Get the Best Price at Vehicle Scrap Yards

Best Price at Vehicle Scrap YardsIf you want to sell your car for cash as quickly as possible, then your best option is to sell it to a scrap yard. Showing up is half the battle, but you probably want to get the best possible price for your car. In this article, you’ll learn how junkyards evaluate vehicles, and how you can get them to pay more for yours.

Don’t Wait to Sell It

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is waiting to sell their junk car. It’s understandable that you feel emotionally attached to your car. Even if you’re no longer using it, you may still attach a lot of value to it. But if you’re going to sell the car, you shouldn’t wait too long to do so.

Your car continues to depreciate in value every day. Unless you have a true classic, your car is not going to be worth more money in the future. In fact, your car might be worth less if you just let it sit unused in your yard. If you can’t get it to start after several weeks of neglect, you may even have to get the junkyard to tow it for you.

Sell It While It Drives

A car that still drives is generally worth a little more than a car that doesn’t. For one, the junkyard doesn’t have to come out and tow the car. That saves them time and money. But a car that drives may not actually end up at the junkyard for scrap parts. Instead, it could be sold in an auction to the highest bidder. A car that’s sold for auction still isn’t worth a lot in the grand scheme of things, but it’ll definitely fetch more than a car sold for scrap metal.

Investigate Usable Parts

At the very least, your car is worth the amount of scrap metal it consists of. But most likely your car still has some usable parts. Some of them can be removed and resold by the junkyard. Scrap yards don’t make a lot of money with used parts. After all, they sell them pretty cheaply. So you probably can’t expect to get a lot of money for the car even if you have a new stereo in it. But a little bit extra is better than nothing.

Minimum Scrap Metal Price

Vehicle at Scrap YardsEvery car is worth something. At the very least, you should receive the minimum scrap metal price for your car. You can calculate that pretty easily. Scrap yards usually pay around $150 per ton of metal. Depending on the weight of your car, you may get about $300 for an average car if you’re only selling it to the junkyard for the metal.

Watch for Bait and Switch

Most vehicle scrap yards in Florida can tell you over the phone what they might pay for your vehicle. However, if they have to rely on your description, then the price you were quoted isn’t necessarily the final price you’ll agree to. If you want to avoid the bait and switch, you should take your car to the junkyard in person and get a firm offer. You can ask around to get the best price for your car.

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