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How to Get the Most from Your Junk Car

Old Green CarDo you have a car sitting on your property gathering dust? A junk car can quickly become an eye sore for your neighborhood and a waste of space on your property. Why not find a way to sell your car and make some money in the process? There are four things that you can do to try and get the most money for your junk car: establish ownership, evaluate the condition, do the labor, and understand the local laws.

Establish Ownership

If you plan on selling your car to a scrapyard, you need to have a valid ownership title to show them. If you don’t already have the title, you’ll need to get it. Take the time to complete the paperwork to put the car in your name. If you have the title, locate it and keep it in a safe place so you’ll know where it is when the time comes.

Evaluate the Condition

Before you try to sell it, you should assess the value of your car to determine how much it’s worth. Research the Blue Book value and consider any damage that’s been done to it. You can also use various resources online to help you figure out how much it’s worth. From there, call around to different junkyards and other companies to figure out how much you can get for it. If you choose a junkyard, choose a place that will inspect your car. These places tend to offer the most money.

Do the Labor

Determine how much time and effort you’re willing to put into selling your vehicle. You can make more money for your vehicle by being willing to put in the work. Clean your car. Remove any garbage and other personal items from it. Drain the fluids, including the gas, oil, and coolant. If the tires are in good condition, you can sell them online. You may also be able to get more money for your car by taking it apart and selling the parts piece by piece. If the place doesn’t offer free towing, consider bringing it in on your own to save more money.

Understand Local Laws

Old Cars in Junk YardWhen it comes to selling your car, you should know and understand your local laws. Research the lemon laws in your state to find out if your car is covered. You should also know the laws concerning tempering with your mileage. This is illegal. If your counter has malfunctioned or stopped working on its own, you should be open and honest with potential buyers. This should also be included on the paperwork. Also, research the price maximum and private seller laws to cover your bases and make sure that you’re acting within the legal boundaries.

Whether you’re trying to sell your car on Craigslist or to a junkyard, there are certain things that you can do to try to get the most for it. Take your time, put in the work, and shop around to get the most for your vehicle. Before you know it, you’ll have more space on your property and more money in your pocket.

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