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How to Sell Your Car to a Junkyard

Cash For CarsYou probably have a reasonably good idea of how to sell a car, even if you’ve never sold one yourself before. You can take it to the dealership where you plan to buy your next vehicle and try to do a trade-in, or you can take some photos and list it for sale online to find a private buyer. But what if your car is a beater? If you’re wondering, “How can I sell my car in Fort Myers, FL when it doesn’t even run?” then keep reading. We’ll give you a step-by-step look at how to sell that junker to a junkyard.

Contact Local Junkyards

You should never take the first offer you get, even if your car is a total wreck. Lookup multiple salvage yards in your area and give them a call to get a quote on your old car. Many of them can provide a quote over the phone based on your car’s make and model, age, and condition. Write down these quotes, and be sure to ask about any fees, such as towing the car to the yard if it doesn’t run. Compare the quotes (minus any fees) to find the best offer.

Try to avoid visiting junkyards in person to get a quote. If the yard doesn’t give you a quote over the phone, skip on to the next one. Driving all over town to get quotes is just going to add fuel costs to your expenses, and it shouldn’t cost you money to sell your car.

Prepare the Vehicle

Once you’ve chosen who you’re selling the car to, it’s time to prepare the vehicle for delivery. Luckily, unlike when you’re selling to a private buyer, you don’t have to worry about sprucing up your car before delivering it. All you have to do is remove any personal belongings or accessories that you added to the car and want to keep. Be sure to check under the seats and in the trunk, and don’t forget to pull off any seat covers, floor coverings, or steering wheel covers if you want to hold onto them.

Deliver the Car to Them

If your car runs, you may be pleased with driving the vehicle to the lot. If it doesn’t run, or if you don’t want to drive it over there yourself, you can ask the junkyard to provide a tow. This is where asking about those towing fees will come in handy. As we’ve already stated, selling your car shouldn’t cost you money, so the salvage yard should be able to tow your vehicle to the lot for you for free. That’s what we do!

Get Cash For Your JunkerWhether you’re having it picked up or delivering it yourself, someone will likely inspect the car before handing over the cash. This is to ensure that the vehicle matches the description you gave over the phone. So long as you answered the lot worker’s questions honestly, there shouldn’t be any issues, and they’ll hand over the quoted amount in cash. You’ll need to sign over the title, and the driver will hook up the car and tow it away, or the lot worker will take the keys and drive the car onto the lot.

Follow Up on the Title

About a week after you sell your car, it’s a good idea to ensure that the title transfer went through. Even though you’ve sold the car to a salvage yard and not a private buyer, you still want to ensure that the vehicle is no longer in your name for liability and insurance purposes.

If you’re looking to sell a junker, contact us at U Pull N Save. We buy cars in Fort Myers, FL, whether they run or not! Call us today to get a no-obligation quote.

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