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How to Spend the Cash You Got For Your Car

Lady Taking Car KeySay you just sold your car and had a little too much money burning a hole in your pocket. Sure, you could save it for later or spend it on food, gas, and other everyday parts of your household budget. On the other hand, you may have all that covered already, so here we have a few suggestions on how to have fun with your new cash for cars that you’ve sold.

Buy Another Car

Okay, this one seems a little obvious, but after you’ve sold your junker, you’ll need new wheels. This time, treat yourself to a nicer ride with some useful features that your last one didn’t have. Heated seats, anyone?

Switch It Up

Tired of all that land traffic? Maybe you’d rather travel by boat. For that matter, you could even explore your adventurous side and start saving for a houseboat. If you’re not near the coast, don’t worry; you can always get yourself a nice kayak and paddle around the nearest lake. If all of this sounds like too much work to you, take a cruise instead and let someone else worry about steering the ship.Two Man Selecting Clothes

Build a Collection

Whether you have a hobby you really love or you just want an interesting conversation piece, it can often be fun to start a collection, whether it’s made of snow globes, Beanie Babies, or movie memorabilia. If you’re lucky, your collection might even make a solid future investment. Buy the right baseball cards now, and by the time you’re tired of your card collection, they could more than repay the money you put into them.

Update Your Look

Now that you have money, you can afford to treat yourself to a nice new wardrobe. Get the styles you want to look like you’ve always wanted. For that matter, have you been wanting a new hairdo or maybe an extra tattoo or piercing? There’s no time like now.

Make Those In-Game Purchases

We’ve all had those phone apps and computer games that are free to start, or even free to play, but then ask for money to get more bonuses. You may sometimes give in and buy them just to make it to the next level, but it often comes with a sense of guilt. If you just made a lot of extra money from your old car, though, there’s no need to feel guilty. Go crazy with it and beat those games!

Make It Rain

If all else fails, impress your friends and share the wealth. You could throw them a big party, or you could just shower them with Benjamins. Either way, it would make for one epic night.

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