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Is It Wise to Buy Secondhand Auto Parts?

If you’ve got car repairs to make, one of the first questions you’ll need to consider involves used parts. If you’re paying to have the work done, your body shop will probably ask if you’re okay with used parts, and some insurance companies require repairs to be made with used parts. If you’re doing the work yourself, you’ll need to decide whether to purchase new OEM parts, alternate aftermarket parts or used OEM parts to make the necessary repairs.

Should you choose used parts? The answer is ultimately going to come down to your personal preference, but used parts are a really good idea. Here’s why:

Buy a Car With Cash in Florida


Used parts cost a lot less money than new parts. They cost less than new OEM parts, and they usually also cost less than new aftermarket parts. And we’re not talking about a little bit less money; the price difference between new and used can be significant. If your repair requires a large part or a rare part, you’ll pay far less for used than for new. And, if you get your used parts from a pick-and-pull salvage yard like U Pull & Save in Fort Myers, where they buy cars for cash in Florida, you can save even more money. You can visit our yard for a $1 entrance fee, search our extensive inventory, and pull the used parts you need yourself. You won’t find used OEM auto parts for less money anywhere else.


Parts that come out of a box aren’t guaranteed to be better than used parts removed from an existing car. You’d like to think you’re paying a premium for quality, but that’s not really true; you’re only paying a premium for new.

When it comes to cars and car parts, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards are often more important than used versus new. OEM parts are made for your car by the original manufacturer. As a result, you know OEM parts will fit properly and function properly in your vehicle.

When you visit U Pull & Save, you’ll find oodles of OEM parts that are in excellent condition, just waiting to have a second life in your automobile. Many of the cars on our lot are here because they were wrecked and subsequently totaled by insurance. They ran just fine until someone ran into them, which means they’re filled with perfectly good OEM parts. The more common your vehicle, the greater the likelihood of finding precisely what you’re looking for in our yard.


Salvage yards like U Pull & Save provide essential recycling services in the automotive world. Here are the stats to back that up:

  • Auto recycling is big business. It contributes over $25 billion to the US GDP each year and is one of the largest industries in the United States.
  • Estimates are that 95% of all cars that retire from the road every year are recycled.
  • Over 80% of the average vehicle can be fully recycled, and it’s closer to 90% for some cars.
  • Salvage yards are a hub of all that recycling activity.

After we buy a car with cash in Florida, here’s what happens:

  • Inspection. Our team examines each car carefully to determine if it’s worth repairing and reselling. By far, recycling is the best way to go most of the time.
  • Draining. Our first step is to drain all the fluids from the vehicle, including gas, oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid, brake fluids, lubricants, and everything else. We carefully collect every drop of each fluid, recycle those that can be recycled and treat the rest for safe disposal.
  • Dismantling. We remove the valuable parts from each car. In some cases, our customers do this for us when they come to pick and pull parts from our yard. We’ll take off the tires, remove the engine, and lift the transmission, just to name a few. In many cases, we’ll clean and refurbish these parts to resell. If that’s not an option, we recycle them.
  • Selling parts. Many, many car parts are reusable. This is where our customers come in. Buying used auto parts is an essential facet of the recycling process. We sell directly to consumers, and we also sell to body shops or other repair organizations.
  • The rest. When all that’s left is the car’s metal body, we crush and shred the metal and steel and sell it for reprocessing. Chances are, the recycled metal will go into manufacturing a new car.

Buying used auto parts is the responsible choice. Why waste money on a new part when you can buy a used one that’s just as good and still has tons of life left?

Make the Wise Choice

Buying a Car With Cash in Florida

Make the wise choice and always choose used auto parts for your car repairs. You can’t beat salvage yard prices and quality, and buying used is clearly the most environmentally (and financially) responsible choice.

U Pull & Save is the finest salvage yard in the Southwest Florida area. We have the largest salvage lot in the area and, therefore, the largest selection of used auto parts you can find. We pay the highest prices for junk cars in the Fort Myers and Cape Coral areas. If you’re looking for quality used auto parts at the lowest prices, visit U Pull & Save.

For great prices and exceptional customer service, you can trust U Pull & Save. Our staff is courteous and friendly. If you’re interested in saving a ton of money on your next auto repair project, visit our 6-acre lot. Bring your own tools, wear comfy clothes, slather on the sunscreen, and come on into U Pull & Save to find the parts you need.

Discover for yourself why we’re everyone’s favorite junkyard. Come see us today.

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