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Is My Junk Car Too Old to Sell?

That old clunker has been sitting in your yard for years. It doesn’t run and it’s more than a little bit rusty. You thought you’d fix it up, but that’s never happened. That said, that car is far from worthless. At U Pull N Save, we buy cars in Fort Myers, FL, for cash. We buy all cars for cash in any age and in any condition.We Buy Junk Cars Fort Myers FL

But your old car is really old. How can it possibly be worth anything? Here’s an important truth: age isn’t really a criteria salvage yards use to determine the value of a junk car. Every car is worth something. But, if age isn’t a determining factor, what does influence the value of a junk car?

The Value of the Parts

One thing that drives the value of a junk car is the value of its parts. U Pull N Save is a pick-and-pull yard. We buy junk cars and then our customers come to the yard to pick and pull the parts they need for their DIY projects. What kinds of parts do our customers want?

  • Parts for reliable cars. Some cars age better than others. For example, it’s not uncommon for a Toyota Camry to stay on the road for over 200,000 miles. Folks who own these kinds of cars often prefer to repair them than to sell them, meaning that DIYers, mechanics, and body shops are always on the lookout for Camry parts in good condition. On the other hand, parts for Dodge Neons aren’t usually in high demand.
  • Parts for trucks. If your old clunker is a truck – domestic or foreign—its parts are in high demand.
  • Parts for expensive cars. Pricey cars like BMWs, Mercedes, Audi, and others are regularly repaired, making parts a hot commodity.
  • Parts for rare or unique cars. Scarcity drives up prices. Regardless of age, if your clunker is a rare clunker, its parts are still worth something if they’re in reasonably good shape.

The Value of the Metal

If nothing else is true about your vehicle, one thing is certain: it’s made of metal. Some cars contain more metal than others, but all cars contain some aluminum and steel. Older cars, pre-mid 1980s and beyond, contain a lot of metal, while more modern vehicles use more lightweight materials. Once the value of the parts has been used up, what remains is the car’s body and which can be sold for scrap metal. In this case, age might matter, but to the positive, as older cars are heavier.Who Will Buy Junk Cars In Fort Myers FL

Young and Heart

If you live in or around Fort Myers, FL, sell your car for scrap by calling U Pull N Save. We buy all cars, any age, and any condition, and we pay cash on the spot. To receive a free, no-obligation quote in less than 10 minutes, call us today. Turn your old clunker into cash now.

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