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Junking Your Wrecked Car: Things to Know

Salvage CertificateIf your car’s been totaled in a wreck, you might feel at a total loss over what to do with it. You can’t sell it to a private buyer. No dealership is going to want it. And while you hopefully got a decent payout from your insurance, you don’t want to have it towed to the dump and let it go completely to waste either. So, what are your options? How can you sell an old car in Fort Myers, FL, when it’s been wrecked? Keep reading to learn more.

Verify It’s Been Totaled

First, you should have your insurance verify that your car has been totaled. “Totaled” looks different on different vehicles because it’s a term used to describe any car that would cost more to fix than the car itself is worth. A brand new car with a high value would require more damage to be considered “totaled” than an old car that isn’t worth much. Have your insurance provider inspect the vehicle to ensure it’s totaled before you look into your selling options.

Get a Salvage Certificate

You can now apply for a new title for your car called a salvage certificate. This is important, as it verifies that it’s a totaled vehicle, even if you decide to repair the car. No matter how much you fix it up, it will always be considered a salvage car. This impacts insurance rates and voids warranties on the car. Of course, you’re looking at selling your car, not fixing it up, so let’s move on to the next step.

Inspect It for Usable Parts

Next, look over your car to see what parts are still usable. Depending on the extent of vehicular damage, there may always be quite a few parts that can be pulled and reused on other vehicles. Everything from hubcaps and side-view mirrors to headrests and sun visors can be pulled from an old car. Once you’ve identified these parts, you have two options: pull them and sell them yourself, or use this information to help in selling your car for the right value.

Choose How to Sell Your Car

Car Auction

Now that you know what parts in your car are valuable, you can examine your options for selling your totaled car. Here are a few common ones:

  1. Sell it for scrap metal. This might be the best option available to you if you’ve stripped any usable parts already or if there aren’t many functional parts left. This gives you cash based on the weight of your car.
  2. Sell it to a dealership—dealerships by totaled cars for various reasons, including for parts, resale, or auctions. Selling to a dealership can be difficult with a totaled vehicle, especially if you’re not buying your new car at that dealership. However, many will reduce the price of a new vehicle if you sell your salvage car to them.
  3. Sell to a salvage yard. This is often the best place for totaled cars. Yards like ours by cars in any condition, sell the parts to individuals repairing their own vehicles, then recycle the scrap metal.

Once you’ve chosen how to sell your car, find a location that provides these services, and make a deal!

If you’re asking yourself, “How can I sell my car in Fort Myers, FL, when it’s been wrecked?” contact us at U Pull N Save. We’ll give you a quote based on your car’s condition, then tow it away for free and leave you with cash in your hand. Give us a call for a no-obligation quote today!

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