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Need Spare Car Parts?

Car Scrapped in FloridaNeed your car scrapped for cash in Florida? Or do you just need to find some spare auto parts? Whether you are looking to save money on a car repair or looking for an unusual or hard-to-find part, a salvage yard is the place to go. Here are a couple of tips to help you successfully find that unique part needed for your car project or repair.

First, we are a self-service salvage yard, so you will need to bring your own tools to remove the parts you desire. We will inspect your toolbox and mark any parts you bring with you so that you do not end up paying for parts that you already own. Know what you are looking for ahead of time so that when you arrive, you can quickly identify the vehicle make and model. Once identified, see whether the part you wish is still available, either attached to the car or left inside from a previous salvage shopper.

Completing your vehicle repair with salvage parts takes only a little extra effort on your part, and the savings over buying new parts from the factory will be huge. Whether you need something simple like a rear-view mirror, or something more unique like a radiator or exhaust manifold, you can find nearly anything you desire at a salvage yard. Where a new door or wheel well might be more difficult to find at a reasonable rate, removing one from the appropriate vehicle on our lot will save you time and money.

While there is a $1 entry fee into the salvage yard, the savings from buying salvage parts make it well worth your time and money. Bring any tools you need to ensure successful removal of the desired parts from the cars on the lot and come ready to find those hidden treasured car parts that will enable you to successfully complete your project or repair job.

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