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One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

Retired Car in Junkyard, FloridaIf you’ve never spent time perusing junk yards close to you, you might not realize how many amazing finds are often found abandoned in yards. Although there are always mounds of junk cars and scrap, when you pay a small flat fee to go sift through the rubble, you might come across something that will look to you much more like treasure. Every so often, people find perfectly good stolen cars, vintage trolleys, or other prize finds in Florida junk yards nearby. Here we’ll tell you about some not-uncommon finds that people have had the good fortune of claiming from junk yards.

Retired Police Cars

Because police cars are retired every so often, occasionally you can find a good body, motor, or other part of an undercover cop car when you scour a junk yard. Some common finds are Ford Crown Victorias or traditional black-and-white sedans. These may have less than 100,000 miles on them and be usable as your own fixer upper.

Stolen Cars

There have been rings of car thieves around the country that use tow trucks to do their dirty work. Someone with a tow license out to get a quick buck might go through a neighborhood and tow away a car parked innocently. Then they take the vehicle to a junk yard and sell it for parts, even though it’s in perfectly good condition. There have been scams like this around the country: the only thing they require is a junk yard proprietor that doesn’t check the incoming VIN as they should. When you go to a junk yard in your area, you might be able to find a car in perfectly good working condition!

Old School Buses

Old Bus in Junkyard, FloridaOld school buses are treasure finds in junk yards if you are looking to make a great vacation vehicle, or if you want to remodel it to be a parked room. Some people decorate school buses, gut the inside, and put a bed and shelves in them to create a room away from home. Hippie buses never go out of style, so if you find a school bus with a body in good condition, it could be your lucky day.

When you go to Florida junk yards nearby, keep your eye out for some of these trash-to-treasure finds that can prove to be well worth the amount of time you spend combing through the junk. With some elbow grease, you could turn your small investment into quite a big money maker or fun project for your summer.

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