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Parts to Avoid at a Salvage Yard

Man Repairing Car in Junk YardGoing to a self-service salvage yard in Florida for cheap replacement parts for your car can be a great deal if you know what you’re looking for. There are some really good parts that will work well for your car, and others that should just go right into the recycling pile. But, how do you know which car parts you should pass up? If you are a professional mechanic, you may have more confidence in the salvaged parts you buy. To a regular car owner, the search could be more difficult. The basic advice to used car parts buyers is to use common sense and discretion. 

Rusted Metal

Seriously rusted metal pieces that are still sitting out in the yard are not a good buy. It would be tough to buff out or repair extensive rust on some pieces, not to mention it could be dangerous if you were to get cut. Also, engines, transmissions, and starters that have rust on them are not a safe bet for your car. Skip these altogether. Don’t trust rust.


It is possible to recharge a car’s battery, but batteries that have been sitting for a while, or ones that have been exposed to outside elements could be compromised. If the yard has a place to check the charge on a battery, or offers some kind of warranty, then proceed with caution. Otherwise, pass on the battery, and spend a little extra for something brand new.

Clearly Damaged Parts

Some mechanics don’t mind parts with a little damage, because they have plans to restore them anyway. If you don’t have expertise in or tools for restoring and repairing damaged car parts, then forget about it. Keep searching for something intact that will better serve your vehicle.

Nuts and Bolts

Many salvage yards will collect small, loose bits of metal for recycling. So, if they are even available, nuts, bolts, and other small metal fasteners may be a waste of your time to hunt down. You can just as easily find an appropriate nut or bolt brand new for a few cents at a hardware store where it will be more organized.

Seat Belts

You likely won’t know the history of the car that the parts are coming from. When it comes to vehicle safety, it’s not a good idea to trust secondhand safety harnesses. If you need new seat belts in your car, it’s best to contact the manufacturer directly in order to get exactly what you need with a guarantee of its effectiveness.

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