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Salvage Yard Can Be Helpful After a Car Accident

Have you been in a car wreck? Car accidents are no fun. The team at U Pull N Save hopes you’re well and that you and anyone else involved is on the mend from any injuries you suffered during the accident. Making sure that everyone is okay following an auto collision is the first priority.

But once everyone is safe, it’s time to think about the car. Dealing with a car that’s been wrecked is an entirely different category of pain. First, you’ve got to deal with insurance companies and jump through all their hoops to ascertain the extent and value of the damage. Next, if the car is repairable, you’ll either work with a body shop to get the repairs done, or if you’re handy, you might choose to do the repairs yourself. The worst-case scenario is that the car is totaled by insurance, meaning they deem the cost of the repairs to be higher than the value of the vehicle. If this happens, you’ll need to decide if it makes financial sense to sell the car and get a new one.Car Scrap Parts In Florida

Any way about it, a car accident means you have multiple decisions to make. Car salvage yards in Florida like U Pull N Save are a great resource for folks who are dealing with a wrecked car. Here’s how we can help if you’ve been in a car accident:


You can think of our used cars as organ donors; while the cars as a whole are no longer viable, their parts still have a lot of life left in them. U Pull N Save is the largest auto parts yard in the Fort Myers, FL, region. We have six acres of car parts just waiting for your car project. There’s no better resource for quality, inexpensive, used OEM auto parts than our salvage yard. With a $1 entrance fee, you get access to hundreds of used cars. Bring your own tools so you can pull the parts you need for your repair. You’ll find bumpers, doors, windows, mirrors, hoods, trunk lifts, headlights, and more.

It’s worth mentioning that mechanics and auto body shops regularly use salvage yards to source the components they need to make repairs. Regardless of who makes the repairs to your vehicle, chances are high the replacement parts will come from a salvage yard.

Cash to Start Over

Car Scrapped For Cash FloridaSometimes, repairs aren’t an option. But this is important: no matter how badly your car has been damaged, it’s far from worthless. U Pull N Save wants your car no matter what condition it’s in. We’ve got customers who can use the components that are still intact and working and we can sell the frame for scrap metal. It’s our business to reuse and recycle every bit of every single car. Just give us a call and tell us about your vehicle. We’ll quote you a price over the phone, send a tow truck to get the car, and pay you cash on the spot. That’s cash you can use towards purchasing a new vehicle.

The #1 Salvage Yard in Fort Myers

U Pull N Save pays top cash 4 junk cars in Florida. If you’ve been in a wreck, visit us to find the replacement parts you need to make repairs or give us a call to take your totaled car off your hands.

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