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Sell Your Totaled Car If You Need Some Extra Cash

Sometimes, you just need a bit of extra cash. Maybe it’s because you want to take a weekend getaway or treat yourself to something new, maybe you need money to cover an unexpected expense, or maybe you need some extra green to help with gifts for upcoming birthdays or holidays. Whatever the reason, we’ve all experienced the all-too-familiar need for additional cash in our pockets.Cash for Cars Florida

One easy solution for getting fast cash is to sell a junk car. U Pull N Save pays cash for cars in Florida. If you’ve got a car that’s been irreparably damaged in an accident or that simply doesn’t run anymore, turning that clunker into dollars just takes one phone call to U Pull N Save. We buy any car in any condition. We pay cash on the spot, and towing is free.

Here’s how it works:

  • Give us a call. One of our team members is standing by 24/7 to provide a quote for your vehicle.
  • Provide some info. You’ll need to provide some basic info about your car to get a quote. We’ll ask about the make, model, and year of the car, its overall condition, and how many miles it’s got. We do not need an appraisal, photos, or anything.
  • Get an offer. We’ll make an offer for your car right over the phone—no need to call around or visit a bunch of different yards. We make the process easy with a great offer made on the first phone call.
  • Schedule pickup. We’ll send a tow truck to your location to pick up the car and give you cash on the spot. There are no hidden fees, no complications, and no gimmicks. The process is straightforward; we make you an offer, schedule a tow, pay you cash, and take the car. We even help with transferring the title and providing a bill of sale. Nothing could be easier.

Why sell a junk car to a salvage yard?

Okay, so we’ve established that getting cash is one significant benefit of selling a junk car to a salvage yard like U Pull N Save. But are there any other reasons salvaging a car is a good idea?

  • Ease. Scrapping a car is easy. It requires a phone call and meeting the tow truck. You don’t have to list the car, clean it up to sell, fix it up to sell, take photos to post online, or schedule times to meet potential buyers.
  • Speed. You can have cash in your hand for your junk car in a matter of days when you sell to a salvage yard. Any other sales method will take longer and involve more hassle.
  • Eco-friendliness. Yes! Selling a junk car is good for the environment. In fact, we might even go so far as to say it’s great for the environment. At U Pull N Save, we do the following:
  • Drain every car of all fluids. Fluids that can be recycled are recycled, and those that can’t are disposed of safely. There’s no fuel, oil, or antifreeze soaking into the ground and contaminating groundwater at our lots. We’re clean and careful.Buy a Car with Cash in Florida
  • Sell the useable parts. We are an open scrap yard, which means that folks can visit our collection of vehicles and pull and purchase their own parts. You’d be amazed at what people find valuable from old cars. We like to give a second – or third—life to as many car parts as we can.
  • Recycle what’s left. We pull old tires and sell the rubber for grinding into stuff like play yard material. Batteries are recycled. Metals such as aluminum and steel are sold for scrap and reused to make new cars.

Today, nearly 80% of a car is recyclable, and the new cars we drive are largely made of recycled materials.

Extra Cash Fast

If you need cash fast, call U Pull N Save. We buy cars with cash in Fort Myers, FL, every day. Call today!

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