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Signs That You Need to Junk Your Car

Our cars take up a special space in our lives, as they’re more than just possessions. They become almost like inanimate best friends who go through the best and worst experiences in our lives alongside us. Because the average car owner holds on to his or her car for several years, a bond can develop that can defy logic and lead owners to invest far more money than is wise in cars that are failing simply because they don’t want to part with their trusty automotive companions. However, the junk yards are full of cars that were repaired past their prime, only to meet their inevitable end.

Car Trouble

Despite the emotional attachment some owners have with their vehicles, there comes a time when financial good sense overrules sentimentality and an owner is better off selling that old car to a salvage junk yard in Florida. It’s the responsible thing to do to keep resources available for others to use, and it can also help you pad your pockets with a little extra money. Keep reading to learn more about a few of the signs that it’s time to junk your old car.

Repair Costs are Increasing

When you own an older car, you will bear an extra financial burden that isn’t associated with a newer vehicle. Older cars break down more frequently, and the range of potential problems grows as the vehicle ages. Many car parts are meant to last 80,000 to 100,000 miles without failing, so as long as you perform the basic required maintenance you can count on your car to perform. However, as the car ages, the list of things that can go wrong grows longer. Unfortunately, many owners of older cars find that when one part fails, it can create a cascade of issues that leads to an endless string of repairs. If you’ve recently experienced a litany of problems that required costly repairs, it may be time to consider junking your car and getting a new one.

Repairs Cost More Than the Vehicle Is Worth

More Car Trouble

As vehicles age, their values depreciate dramatically. The cost of repairs continues to escalate, however. There will come a point when you could become “upside-down” with an older vehicle, which is a situation that it’s wise to avoid. The term “upside-down” means that you’ve invested more money in the vehicle to keep it running than it would be worth on the open market. It doesn’t make sense to keep throwing money into a vehicle that is destined to fail, so if the value of the car is exceeded by the cost to keep it on the road, it’s time to call a salvage yard.

Catastrophic Failure or Damage

Another sign that you should abandon your lost cause of a car is if there’s a major failure of a critical system or if your car sustains significant damage. For example, if your 20-year old car requires a new engine, it probably wouldn’t make sense to go to the considerable expense of having a new motor installed. Or, if you have a major accident in the vehicle, the damage may be severe and the potential for a repair could be daunting in terms of cost and inconvenience. In either case, the wise decision would be to scrap the car, get the cash for it, and invest that money in a new vehicle.

It may be hard to part with an old car that’s been with you through thick and thin, but sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to keep patching up a car that is destined for the salvage yard. To learn more about some of the signs that you should junk your old car, contact U Pull N Save at (239) 337-7300.

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