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Six Sure Signs It’s Time to Sell Your Old Car

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Florida has the third-highest number of licensed drivers in the country. Needless to say, our cars are an important part of our lives. We name our cars, bond with them, and even introduce them to our friends and family. Unfortunately, these same cherished assets only depreciate with time. While you may find yourself utterly attached to your vehicle, here are six sure signs that it’s time to replace it:

Your Lifestyle Changed

As you grow and change in life, so will your needs. As a young adult, you may purchase a sports car. As you get married and begin planning a family, you’ll want trade that sports car in for something with a bit more room, like an SUV. You’ll find that life events like starting a new career or moving to a new town, will also impact whether you decide to get a new car.

Be advised that if you have a much older vehicle, you may get a better deal by selling it to a junkyard, rather than to an individual person or dealership. There are several junkyards in Florida to choose from. Most junkyards guarantee that you will get cash for your junk car.

Lack of Fuel-Efficiency

The older your car gets, the less fuel-efficient it is. This means that as your car ages, you may find yourself spending much more money at the pump. This can really add up and eat into your finances. Buying a newer car may just save you more in the long run, than continuing to pour your hard-earned dollar into your older vehicle.

Repairs Cost More than the Car

One of the most telling signs that it’s time to sell your old car is when the amount of money you’re spending to maintain and repair it exceeds the estimated value of the car itself. For this reason, experts recommend that you keep track of what your car is worth, in addition to its expenses.

It’s also wise to note that older cars require more repairs, as car parts cease functioning over time. Replacing significant components like the engine and transmission can be quite expensive.

Costly/Difficult to Find Parts

When car manufacturers improve upon older models and release new innovations, they tend to stop producing parts intended for older cars. As a result, it can be extremely challenging to find parts for older vehicles. Even if you are able to source the right parts, their scarcity often means you wind up paying a much higher price for them than their true retail value.

You Just Don’t Trust It

Your vehicle should be reliable above all else. You shouldn’t have to deal with recurring startup issues and stress over whether you’ll make it to your destination. If you’ve lost faith in your car, it’s definitely time to get a new one.

Remember, the more troublesome your car, the more unsafe it is to drive. Your security and the security of your passengers must always be of the utmost importance.

You’re Ready for a New Car

You use your car every day; you should be comfortable in it. Simply reaching a point where you feel that it’s time to sell your old car means you should probably do so. Listen to your conscience, analyze your budget, and if the circumstances are right, cut the ties.

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