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The 5 Most Important Tools for Repairing Your Own Car

Repairing your own car is a tough feat, but those that are up for the challenge or are simply flexing their muscles as experienced mechanics will find that solving your own problems is a source of immense pride. You have a few major necessities to consider, though. While you can easily and cheaply find used auto parts that suit the specific job you are undertaking, you need to have the right tools to get the job done. Here are the 5 tools you will need for just about every job:

1. A Socket

One of the basics, a socket set helps you take on the nuts and bolts that secure most of your vehicle together. A packaged set will have the drives and fittings you need to get the most out of a socket.

2. A Wrench Set

Wrenches are necessary for doing many home car repairs. They can often be used instead of a socket in many places, but some mechanics see them as easier to handle and will prefer wrenches when they can be used. You should have both a metric and standard measurement set.

3. A Screwdriver Set

Just about everybody has at least one each type of screwdriver, but things get a bit more complicated than that when you are handling automobiles. You need a set with different sizes to unscrew the toughest screws and secure them again when you’re done. Using the wrong size can damage a screw to the point that practically nothing can get them off again.

4. A Code Reader

This is not a basic tool that most people have around the house, and yet it is extremely important for mechanics. They vary in price pretty wildly but a lower-end one should be just fine in helping you read the codes that have been set to trigger the dashboard warning lights.

5. A Jack Set

You probably know that a jack and its stands serve more purposes than helping you change a tire. Changing the oil, replacing the tailpipe, and many other jobs may require a jack. Be sure you have one on hand.

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