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The Advantages of Self-Service Salvage Yards

Self-Service Salvage Yard in Florida

A car salvage yard in Florida is one of the best places you can go to find inexpensive used car parts. There are 2 basic types of salvage yards: self-service, where you pull the parts yourself, and full-service, where an employee pulls the parts for you. Here are 4 advantages of self-service yards.

Inexpensive Prices

Low prices are the big draw of Florida salvage yards for auto parts. The parts you pick up at a junk yard cost a small fraction of the price you’d pay to buy them new. Not only that, self-service or U-pull yards are less expensive than full-service yards. That’s because the self-service yards need a bare minimum of employees, since you do most of the work yourself. Also, the owner doesn’t have to pay as many salaries, he can afford to give you the best prices possible.

Wide Variety

Many full-service salvage yards specialize in new or luxury cars. The reason for this is that the owner knows his employees will be careful not to damage the rest of the car when extracting parts. He might not be able to say the same for every amateur that wanders in off the streets.

If you need an older part or just want to browse to see what’s there, a self-service salvage yard in Florida is the way to go. You can often find hidden gems you weren’t even looking for with the wide variety of cars.


A self-salvage auto yard lets you pick through the yard at your own pace. You don’t have to wait for an employee to be available or feel rushed to pick out the parts you need. Pulling parts can be a fun and relaxing experience when you get to do it yourself.

Learn Repair Work

Many people visit salvage yards to become more familiar with how various cars are put together. If you’re just learning or if you’re teaching a friend or relative, self-service yards give you many different makes and models of cars to explore. Pulling parts yourself helps you become intimately familiar with the layout of the vehicle and will help when it comes time to reinstall the parts on your own.

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